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30 April 2017

Election 2017

May on Marr

 #Hippo #BBCbias #Marr #CrosbyClones

The Prime Minister said on Marr today that she had “no plans” before the election to confirm that taxes will be increased after the election, or words to that effect.


She did not guffaw at Marr when he brought up the subject of NHS nurses using food banks to make ends meet and offered no defence for the depleting incomes of NHS nurses, that made them so desperate.


Shame on May.


Embarrassing to see so many Tories reciting the same Lynton Crosby catch-phrases. Not sure if they are #CrosbyClones or #CrosbyClowns.


In fact they are all insulting the intelligence of the British electorate who are more than wise to the Pavlovian Tory game.

 #Hippo #BBCbias #Marr #CrosbyClones

26 April 2017

Election 2017

First Seven Days

This is not the BBC I grew up with.

 #Hippo #BBCbias

25 April 2017

Calls for BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg to be sacked.


25 April 2017


24 April 2017




22 April 2017

The Truth about Lying

#PMQS #Hippo

Politicians are encouraged to tell lies by the conventions of the House of Commons, and the mother of all parliaments.

The convention is that no "honourable" or "right honourable" gentleman or lady may be called a liar even if that were true. This would appear to encourage a culture of sophistry in our precious mama of all misrepresentation.

If a Member of Parliament spoke the truth about the lies of another MP that would become an incident that would mean the exclusion of the truthsayer, and reward the liar.

Dennis Skinner, for example, knows this very well.

Yvette Cooper asked the following PMQ, apparently telling the truth about the Prime Minister's lies......

“The prime minister said yesterday that she was calling a general election because parliament was blocking Brexit, but three-quarters of this parliament voted for article 50 and two-thirds of the Lords voted for article 50, so that’s not true, is it?”

“A month ago she told her official spokesman to rule out an election and that wasn’t true either, was it? She wants us to believe that she is a woman of her word but isn’t the truth that we cannot believe a single word she says?”

A Tory hostile chorus then joined in with much rancour.

David Mundell MP, seated next to Theressa May, spoke out of turn without being called by the speaker. Subsequently he wished to claim that he did not call out "bitch" directed at Yvette Cooper. Why should we believe him?

And more to the point why should we believe Theresa May during this election campaign?

19 April 2017

Tweet of this Day


18 April 2017

PANIC As predicted not 15 minutes ago, Theresa May has ruled out a TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn and any of her opponents. What does this say about the strength of her leadership?

Theresa May’s leadership is lost without a managed script saying otherwise.




#ElectoralFraud #electoralreform #BBCbias #Hippo #FritMay

18 April 2017


May called a cynical snap June General Election today, after making it “absolutely clear” that she would not do so. She conceded that parliament has issues with her “Hard Brexit” strategy. This comes before we have got to the bottom of the last Tory #ElectoralFraud.

Will they talk about meaningful policy during this campaign?

Of course not.

The BBC have aired all those “leadership” questions all day, this day, today, day one, apparently intending to disguise the policy failures of the Tories by questioning the leadership of another party leader.

May’s indecisiveness about WTF she means when she is being absolutely clear is not in question by the BBC.

May is leading us down the garden path and over the “cliff “ and she is doing it with great leadership as far as the BBC is concerned.


Will May wriggle out of the TV debates? That is the Question.

And that much she will have in common with David Cameron who squirmed uncomfortably against Ed Milliband. May would squirm also, but will attempt to avoid the debates altogether.

Here first,

It will be such glorious fun, win or lose.


#ElectoralFraud #electoralreform #BBCbias #Hippo

15 April 2017

This page from April 2011 has been found by some readers this last month so I have given it a makeover.


Put simply, Warsi lied about AV.


13 April 2017

Meritocracy Eugenics


Grammar Schools

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust

#Education #Hippo #BBCbias

10 April  2017


These #BBCbias stories just don’t go away.

 #Hippo #ToryLauraK

7 April  2017


I can’t fly but me pigeons can.

#muso #Unthanks

5 April  2017

The BBC has become the story....

#BBCbias #Hippo #ToryLauraK

The BBC has an institutional disapproval of Jeremy Corbyn as The leader of the Labour Party.

The BBC accommodates such views with overbearing weight unbalanced by alternative points of view.

The BBC intentionally promotes and normalises anti-Corbyn sentiment.

The BBC intentionally fails to analyse the policy differences between Jeremy Corbyn and other political views and routinely relies on banal and easily contrived matters of personality.

Accordingly, the BBC corrupts the political debate and affects public opinion, and also affects those self justifying prophecies of the flawed opinion polls with alarming circularity and predictability.

And yes, the BBC, once the fearless respected arbiter of objective news, is now proactively willing to affect public opinion and therefore the outcome of parliamentary elections.

The BBC would say they are reflecting public opinion, as if they were not responsible for creating public opinion. The evidence is to the contrary. BBC anti-Corbyn bias is palpable.

If you google "BBC bias" you will be directed to BBC stories about BBC Bias. The BBC is on the defensive. The BBC has become the story.

And where the BBC leads, other networks follow. Some say the BBC is the poodle being led.


3 April  2017


the one and only Channel of Love on VIMEO

#Love    #Lovecontrary





the one and only Channel of Love on VIMEO

#Love    #Lovecontrary

subscribe, no charge...

Love is a very splendid thing. A movie called "Love" was created by us Monks at Shoestringonline. We then discovered that there were 10,729 movies on vimeo with the same title. Most seem to be syrup, or church, or just bad, or all three. Surely there would be enough to start a Love Channel. Love Channel was born, or was there already a Love Channel? Apparently not.


1 April  2017


This was recorded one April Fools' Day. I have no idea where it came from. It was just a bit of spontaneous foolishness. Music Recorded circa 2008.


subscribe if you please.. No charge, No fuss.

April Fools' Day.

#muso #aprilfool


Rupert Murdoch’s Orwellian Model for Sky TV

#GuardianBias #BBCbias #Sky

Taking over Sky TV would increase the influence of the Murdoch empire over politics. Murdoch already gets more meetings with powerful politicians than any other media baron.

Even the BBC is moving in this direction and that is a tragedy. No longer are the opinions of BBC News presenters opaque.

#GuardianBias #BBCbias #Sky



26 March 2017


Lol Coxhill

I Am The Walrus

#muso #sax

25 March 2017

Ten Years Ago

there was a

Chocolate Moon

25 March 2017


Five Years Ago

there was

Running and Ruining


Mobile Spy Parking Cams were on the agenda








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20 July 2011

 Hail Dennis

Dennis Skinner MP, asked the concise question today in parliament, that provoked the equivocal answer from Prime Minister, David Cameron,...........


7 October 2013

Feckless In Need

bankers were found short of competence in charge of pension contributions

26 December 2016

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06 February 2017

Disproportionate Representation

Democracy, what Democracy?

#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud

15 February 2017

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The Poverty Deniers


12 November 2015

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#Austin #Beatles #Magistrates #Justice #1964


#Abstract  #Art #BBCbias #bbctw #BigFeetBigSo cks #Brexit #Cats  CheeseGrater

#Christmas DeathInEssex

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#electoralref orm

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