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23 Aug 2016

Blairites & Trotskys

War & Peace

Shorthand for BS #ImWithCorbyn #ShiftySmithy

Sadiq Khan has written to me and says I should take advice from the polls.

Owen Smith has also written to me unconvincingly. Shifty.

I have to say that the Labour Leadership contest is becoming more interesting than the Olympics.

Because of The Mayor’s advice I am going to move on and assume Jeremy Corbyn will be elected leader of the Labour Party in due course as widely assumed and predicted by the polls. This does suggest that the leadership contest will be exposed as bizarrely unequal and unnecessary.

However, Sadiq Khan would have me and all other Labour Members change our preference of Labour leader, citing other "Polls". He was vague about that but this is his only reasoning and that buoys me up optimistically.


I say, “Sadiq Khan, do not interfere with my free will. Polls determine what others might want and not what I might want. If you are a Blairite then say so openly, otherwise please butt out.”

Sadiq Khan also tells me I should vote for Owen Smith because he has achieved very much. But then we all gaped and wondered how this much achievement occurred without being noticed by anyone at all.

I am going to assume that the Murdoch, Blairite Main Stream Media and the Westminster Bubble are affronted by the notion of an old man with impeccable integrity would dare sweep away the cozy status quo they all so covet and adore.

I am left with the fantasy that Andrew Neil is posing in his mirror resplendent in his underpants contemplating his best looking TV reaction shot when this news breaks. He thinks he is cool but when this happens, he will break wind.

Today, the man with the overcrowded train set funded by the tax payer, got involved.

If only all politicians would refuse to travel “Upper Class.”

16 Aug 2016

Very Little Britain Beckons

12 months Ago

#GordonBrown #OwenSmith #ImWithCorbyn

9 Aug 2016

I say, I Love you, but only on ...


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Untitled Love Love without equivocation

#lovechannel #allbeenthere

Love is a very splendid thing. A movie called "Love" was created by us Monks at Shoestringonline. We then discovered that there were 10,729 movies on vimeo with the same title. Most seem to be syrup, or church, or just bad, or all three. Surely there would be enough to start a genuine Love Channel.

Love Channel was born, or was there already a Love Channel? Apparently not.


the only Channel of Love on VIMEO

The Love Bucket

This is where love is found wanting, tainted by insincerity and/or BS /foolishness. No claim is made that this is an exact science but these movies are found to be unlovely movies about love and a foil to


the only Channel of Love on VIMEO

27 July 2016

Owen Smith’s Lunchtime


Owen would see his task as adopting Jeremy Corbyn's policies; a no-brainer since he needs to appeal to the Labour Party membership who, let’s face it, support Jeremy Corbyn's policies.

He therefore is obliged to undermine, if not smear Jeremy at the same time, but on what grounds?

Perhaps the references to Jeremy Corbyn's age is a clue to his thinking? Jeremy’s lifetime commitment to these policies compared to Owen Smith's lunchtime conversion to the very same policies is noted.

Age discrimination is of course illegal, and repugnant, lest we forget.

The only way Owen Smith can pull that off is to say what he does not mean and hope that nobody might notice. But we have noticed Owen.

Jermy Corbyn may be the leader and yo may sharpen his pencils.

25 July 2016

Owen Smith more Blairite than Blair


The Blairite wing of old New Labour does not like the term “Blairite” and find it a bullying term of abuse.

Jeremy Corbyn does not use the term “Blairite” because he also regards it a term of abuse, and he doesn’t do abuse.

Owen Smith had no vote but says he “would have voted against the Iraq War”.

How soon has that porky unraveled?

How Blairite is that?


24 July 2016

Really! Is that what you think, Owen?

#Marr #BBCbias

In an open shirt surrounded by very concerned, very young women.

26 July 2016

If this is not a crime, then it should be.

 #academies #IanCleland #OrmistonTrust #AcademyTransformationTrust

23 July 2016

Enter, Owen Smith

In a slick suit that would please Y’Mama Cameron.


21 July 2016



#sameoldtories #ImWithLiniker


20 July 2016

The Gutter Media

#democracy #4Bias #ImWithCorbyn

Jess Phillips was fed opinion disguised as questions about Jeremy Corbyn by Cathy Newman on the Channel Four news. Not her best interview.

Jess Philips said that Jeremy Corbyn had “crossed some red lines so he has to go”.

Obvious question for Cathy Newman to ask "Jess Philips, what are the red lines of which you speak?

Did not happen. Obvious question not asked. We are simply fed empty anti-Corbyn platitudes.

As we are all saying, nobody, but nobody, can bring themselves to describe the differences of opinion they have with Jeremy Corbyn, because that would leave Jess Philips and the rest of the Blairites open to personal scrutiny.

18 July 2016

Yesterday’s Mother Theresa.

Today’s Doctor Strangelove.

#sameoldtories #ImWithCorbyn

Theresa May promised to give opportunities to poor children yesterday. 24 hours later, Mayday exposed herself politically as yet another opportunist  Hippo prepared to contradict herself at will.  In the Trident debate today she stated publicly that she is prepared to kill 100’s thousands of innocent children.

If you are offended by the NRA logic of the ostentatious baring of arms in order to defend yourself then just maybe we should take a hard look at these Westminster nutters with a new leader.



The bombs possessed by Nato are enough to destroy at least five earth planets. There is only one Planet Earth, and even if you were ever prepared to countenance the murder of innocent children on ideological grounds, Trident is not required as an disincentive.


This is not an “A” level political science lesson.

Will peace ever get a chance?


The Gutter Press

#democracy #Levenson #ImWithCorbyn

14 July 2016

Unmade Films

69 Blondes with Penis Envy

Adventures of a lifetime in gender politics

#penisenvy #Freud

14 July 2016

Liz Truss and the Mail Murder Plot

 #Levenson #ImWithCorbyn

I do hope a constable is knocking on the door of the Mail on Sunday, or is “incitement to murder” legal these days.

If not I will pass this on to the new Justice Secretary as soon as she finds her seat and her silly hat. What could possibly go wrong?

Liz Truss is passionate about cheese, that much we know, but what about this murder plot? Can she handle it?



What Laura K Knows

#torylaura #BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn

13 July 2016

The BBC does not feel it necessary to discuss the coup with these people. This is what the plotters call an unruly mob of thugs. We have all heard them say it on the BBC.

Who would think that Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader of the Labour Party, might be excluded from the ballot paper for the leadership of the party?

14 members of the National Executive voted accordingly and secretly.

We do know the following Labour Party members refused to argue that Jeremy should be on the ballot paper when asked  this week.

Chuka Umunna

Angela Eagle

Neil Kinnock




Laura Kuenssberg has insight into these matters and can name the names.. Over to you Laura...

we are waiting Laura.

#torylaura #BBCbias


12 July 2016

Apocalypse Brexitus

#poopycoup #ImWithCorbyn #Brexitcalamity #Sameoldpolitics


Win The Referendum Debate and Remain in the EU. Have a stable economy, continue to protect our workers , with the social chapter, and fight for a better Europe in Britain's interest.

No! That didn't work.


Lose the Referendum to Brexit, meaning David Cameron stays in Office, as he said he would, in order to negotiate a less painless exit from the EU.

No! That didn't work because David Cameron broke yet another election pledge and quit.


In order to deal with the Apocalypse Brexitus, we need a new Prime Minister preferably of a Brexit persuasion, so they can carry the can.

Lauded high profile candidates who would be King were available so.....

Nope, that didn't work. None available due to serious loss of integrity when confronted with the mess they have all collectively created.



Theresa May just can't wait to tear up the social chapter.

We have already had the big May Day smiley face declaring herself a "Caring Tory" an oxymoron if ever there were one.... Brace yourselves, Great Britain.

11 July 2016

Chuka Umunna

Angela Eagle

Neil Kinnock


The Three Exemplars

Call that a Coup?

#poopycoup #ImWithCorbyn

All three ought to be putting their right boots into the Tories but they are more determined to put their left boots into Corbyn;  this is an unedifying attempt to remove the incumbent leader, Jeremy Corbyn from the party ballot for the Labour leadership.

Eagle said today that she is neither a Blairite nor a Corbynista, but that she is her "own woman". That joke does not exactly clarify her position but does try to separate herself from Tony Blair and his Iraq war which Eagle supported, and from Jeremy Corbyn, who did not.

Chuka and Angela refused to admit that Jeremy has a justified claim to be on the coming ballot paper for Labour Leader.

They are clearly desperate.

Kinnock likewise was prepared to do the dirty on Marr last Sunday with his misleading quotation of the rules, as if any rule would make it right.

All three have been asked repeatedly to describe the policy differences that separate them from Jeremy Corbyn. All three were incapable of doing so.

We now live in a new age of political transparency fuelled by social media. The clumsy  manoeuvring and sophistry of these three exemplars is embarrassing.

The membership of the Labour Party trust Jeremy Corbyn because he has no fault line. His opponents rely on personal, subjective, abstract, unattractive BS to undermine him.

These three clearly have contempt for the opinion of the Labour Party membership, who had hope that Jeremy would provide a Labour recovery, now severely undermined by this coup.

All three of them are now burdened with reputational flaws that will haunt them for years to come.

Some Coup!?

9 July 2016

Two months ago...



This man was inciting violence in America in order to get nominated as President of The United States

Trump the Blonde with Penis Envy

The billionaire with "no problem with women" and gun-toting violence.

#knob #trump #dallas #orlando #etc


The Mystery of the Levitating Tooth Pick Pic

 #ephemera #photography


Items designed to be useful or important for only a short time and/or occasionally embedded with prescient significance.

Photos by Sara Monk.

6 July 2016

You couldn't make it up.

Carney Agrees With Corbyn

#Carny #Brexitcalamity #Sameoldpolitics

They made the Bank of England independent but during the Brexit born economic crisis George Osborne and Mark Carney have been up all night altogether in the altogether wondering collectively what to do now that Brexit has all gone pear shaped.

As we all must now realise the British economy , and economies beyond Britain, now suck. Brexiteers are abandoning ship, unwilling to face the calamity they created and said would not happen.

You couldn't make it up.

The Governor of The Bank of England, the "expert" who was correct with his Brexit predictions, has a remedy which is profoundly based on "Corbynomics," or to put it succinctly, he has decided to "Invest in Britain" and adopt Jeremy Corbyn's fiscal policy. This is his wise decision and not George Osborne's.

You couldn't make it up.

Meanwhile Blairites are entrenched and determined to acquiesce to the political game of undermining the demand for Corbyn's New Politics, and of course contrary to the express will of the Labour Party membership.

You couldn't make it up.

3 July 2016

Art by Saramo

Mrs Monk has become active again and her new work will be found in this set of pictures.

#Saramo #art


2 July 2016

Michael Gove

The Silent Fart

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #Gove

Barely perceptible to the sedentary teacher who sits in front of the class all day is the silent fart which is capable of destabilising an entire United Kingdom and thwarting the ambition of Boris, the man who would otherwise be king.

Michael Gove has now pledged not to keep the big bus promise to spend an extra £350 million per week on the NHS . That pledge, for what it is worth has now been devalued by Gove to £100 million per week and delayed until at least 2020 or when he finds an argument to justify reneging again.

The Silent Fart is of course married, perhaps literally so, to the unwholesome media which supports him at their pleasure. The media that maketh this man also plots to destroy Jeremy Corbyn at will.

Gove spends a lot of time dining with Murdoch.

30 June 2016

“Go Home”

Unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn

Here we are in a post Brexit Referendum melt down.

PMQS this week:  David Cameron pledged support for victims of post Brexit hate crime. Addressing a question about a foreign national abused in the street and told to GO HOME, David Cameron, with all his REMAIN vote credibility, told the House of Commons that this was a crime that should be prosecuted. "Hear, hear", they responded on cue.

In a heartbeat or two he was telling Jeremy Corbyn to Fuck off, or words to that effect. This abuse of Corbyn would have been planned as a sound bite for the BBC News.

Looking on were heckling Westminster MPs on both sides dedicated to the task of denying Corbyn the privilege of honouring the overwhelming mandate he received from the membership of the Labour party.

The Westminster bubble is a shameless collective of politicians and media,  participating in an unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale.

And no Corbyn critic has the decency to describe any actual fault in Jeremy because to do so leaves them open to scrutiny.

We know that Cameron finds him unsuitable on the grounds of his suit. The idea that Corbyn caused Brexit is of course lamentable and pathetic.

I personally predicted that immediately before this week's PMQS the BBC would have another prepared scoop with another big name that would trash Corbyn. Laura Kuensberg, the ever-willing conduit for anti-Corbyn scoops, did so with immaculate timing naming Harriet Harman and of course giving little or no notice to Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy has the right to burst the hateful Westminster bubble if he has the stomach for the fight.

28 June 2016

Dear  Insert Name Here

Ian Murray


The Daily Mirror says that you are "devastating."


Are you proud of that?

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #IanMurray

28 June 2016

Dear  Insert Name Here

Heidi Alexander

I have read all the resignation letters including yours.

I just don't like Processed Peas.

28 June 2016


Dear  Insert Name Here

Jess Phillips

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #jessphillips

I have read all the resignation letters including yours. If Lucy goes to pee, do you follow her into the toilet?

27 June 2016

Let me be clear! If I say to you,  “Let me be clear,” I am about to tell you a lie.



27 June 2016
Horse Poo Coup



#noBrexitplan #BBCbias


26 June 2016

Two Margarets

They can't get at Jeremy Corbyn for saying an unkind word about anyone, so his critics are now getting at him on extremely spurious grounds.

Margaret Hodge wanted Corbyn to impress the voters as competently as the Leave campaign, who successfully misled the electorate with lies and hyperbolic half truths.

How soon we forget that JC does not do that and that is why he was elected leader. Get over it, Margaret Hodge.

Jeremy was also heckled at a “pride” rally today and yes he was guilty of assuming all that are gay are genetically indisposed to appreciate being patronised by well meaning heterosexuals. Whatever demographic you choose somebody is bound to have adored Margaret Thatcher.

And yes the media agenda of insulting Corbyn now led by The BBC, which is so sadly lacking the integrity it once held, ... sucks.

Corbyn's first post referendum speech was cut in mid flow by the BBC news, and then later edited to suit the BBC commentary on, and opinion of, Jeremy Corbyn.

This is not the BBC I grew up with.
#referendum  #BBCbias #noBrexitplan

25 June 2016
Alienating the Bakery

“Why do they hate me?” she said.

And for Jo Cox.

#referendum #JocoxMP #BrexitBananas

24 June 2016
Brexit Blues



There is no Brexit plan.

 #referendum #noBrexitplan


3 Most Read Stories   last 2 Months..  as follows...

17 March  2015

Goldfish AV and Amnesia

A fish called Colin

#PR #AV #SameOldTories

21 July 2015

The Hard Disc

GPs follow procedures informed by a computer programme #alzheimers #NeverForget #NHS


Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

3 Most Read Stories   last 12 Months..  as follows...

Sand Dollars

5 Years Ago


“Who gives a shit?”

#Florida #Seashells

12 March 2013

The Filthy Rich


make the "market economy",  look extremely foolish.


 22 March  2015

NHS For Sale

The Special relationship and  where money is the object.

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories



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Love is a very splendid thing. A movie called "Love" was created by us Monks at Shoestringonline. We then discovered that there were 10,729 movies on vimeo with the same title. Most seem to be syrup, or church, or just bad, or all three. Surely there would be enough to start a Love Channel. Love Channel was born, or was there already a Love Channel. Apparently not.

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Cash for Votes

Dear Alan Mabott

Conservative Director of Organisation

#sameoldtories  #cashforvotes #electionexpenses

29 January 2016

Osborne's Lesser Britain

The catalyst for the Great Britain sell off

#sameoldtories #Britainforsale #Osborne

23 January 2016

Michael Fallon MP Secretary of State for Defence

Stranger than Strangelove

When should we duck and cover under the table?

#sameoldtories #Fallon #Trump

9 March 2006

British Gas, You’re Fired

A strangely popular but very old story. #Gas #Consumer

18 May 2015

Toxic Tories

So why are Tories so determined to find fault with the NHS?

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories

12 December 2009

Revenge of the Telephobic Revisited

#coldcalling #telephobic

The Untouchables

27 June 2013

George Osborne would rather choke on a pheasant than......

hard working privileges

29 September 2014

Pride and Privilege.

Osborne’s contrary rhetoric.

6 Aug 2015

Corbyn and The Processed Peas

Jeremy Corbyn is uniquely able to oppose the Tories.#Corbyn  #ProcessedPeas #BrianEno

27 December 2015

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake


Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

21 December 2011 It was the last lesson of the afternoon before Christmas.

#Education #DHLawrence







Unmade Films




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