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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary, should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf.
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day

Leslie Monk



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1 December 2011 Uneventful Christmas. Winter Holiday in the balance due to Snow in atlanta and Frosted Orange Groves in Florida.

The Christmas Tennis Widow and the Stinking Boy

24 December 2010

23 December 2010 Christmas present wrapping accident. Broken glass, two stitches in right hand index finger. Nice nurse wore  novelty Santa socks that matched mine. Tells me to wear a rubber glove in the shower. Mm.. I say!

Recent Cat Flap Charlie and Friends

21 December 2010 Gratified that Vince Cable was in there doing the right thing opposing Murdock monopolies. He may have been hoodwinked by a honey trap of giggling girls, from the Telegraph, but his reputation is nevertheless enhanced. More so if he relinquishes ministerial car and blows whistles from the back benches.

20 December 2010 Thinking about Julian Assange who has been taken off the front pages, supplanted from his dungeon, to smoulder in Suffolk mansion over Christmas.

Failed Christmas Cards

Recent Pictures of Monks

Dear Theresa

4 December 2010

Recent Pictures of London

 Alfred Owen

30 November 2010

Last Minutes with ODEN

Recent Pictures of Leigh On Sea

South Pacific Gauguin

11 November 2010



Where Be Mrs Monk?

3 November 2010

Pictures by Mrs Monk of Quarteira Portugal October 2010

14 October 2010       How to Amuse a Gangster

12 October 2010 How to Check-In

Easypeasy Jet 12 October 2010

 Pictures by Mrs Monk selected by others

 hippo fair trade

6 October 2010

Taxidermy & Vulgarity

26 September 2010

The Shoestringonline Love Channel


28 September 2010

Gothic Tennis

27 September 2010

Dear Sayeeda

26 September 2010

Love, Love, Love,

26 September 2010

Dear Pope

19 September 2010

Murder at The Tate

12 September 2010

Recent Pictures of London

Francis Als

29 August 2010

unmade films

Too Hot For Tennis

4 September 2010

Tall Stories

14 Aug 2010

Tennis Leg

14 Aug 2010

The Naming of Parts Serpentine Pavilion

18 July 2010

The Army

17 June 2010

Turismo Train

7 July 2010

Life and Death and Rude Belly Laughs

21 June 2010

Slowburn BP

20 June 2010


3 June 2010


1 June 2010

Dear Dennis Potter

28 April 2010

Dear William, UPDATE.

14 April 2010

Dear William Haque

13 April 2010

A Mess for Hire

12 April 2010

Old Dames & Homophobia

10 April 2010

The Art Is Crap And So Are The Critics

3 April 2010

Farmville Meat is Murder

13 March 2010

The Art, The Artist, and the Model.

7 March 2010

Graces Update

28 February 2010

Copy Cats and Thieves

14 February 2010 VD day

Dear BBC

6 February 2010

Dear Vanity,

21 January 2010 

 Quelle Chapeau

10 January 2010 

Dear NHS

4 January 2010

Sea Song

1 January 2010

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