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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day         Leslie Monk




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Communications and the Photographer


3 April 2011

What happened to my phone in March 2009 after it was lost by Mrs Monk, was recorded on these pages in 2009 Communications and the Photographer

Mr Monk was able to locate his lost phone, a couple of days after it was lost, by simply phoning the phone and having it answered. In fact it was answered by the Reception of the Alden Beach Resort, St Pete’s Beach, Florida, which we had just visited.

However , the Alden failed to return my phone for two years. So when we found ourselves revisiting St Petes Beach  in March 2011, Mrs Monk attempted to collect my property in person.

Mrs Monk took a deep breath, before she confronted, the Duty Manager, Chuck Martin, who was outraged by her request to have our lost property returned. In fact Mrs Monk was offended by Chuck Martin’s rudeness, and his blanket denial that she had any right to it, claiming that all unclaimed lost property was disposed off within two months.

Mrs Monk came out of there extremely agitated.

I feel that she is able to claim that The Alden Beach Resort are responsible, having found lost property, and knowing whose property they have found, to return that property, and not to “dispose” of it.

Chuck Martin, is trying it on. He wishes to claim that the Alden were not informed by us and are therefore blameless, but he does so in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

The phoning of the phone and having it answered by the Alden Reception, was the first time The Alden  had knowledge of who owned the phone, and of where we were. This happened more or less as soon as we discovered the loss of the phone and when we were in a position to phone the phone,  from London.

If they wished to avoid responsibility for this, then it might be a simple matter, for the Alden to deny they received the telephone calls from us, and the rudeness of Chuck Martin, is clearly intending to do exactly that.

I wish to claim that in 2009 not only were they informed by us telephoning them, but we also wrote to them immediately, and followed up abundantly with more emails, and also informed Hotels.com (who sold us the Alden holiday)

Neither the Alden or Hotels.com have actually addressed this issue, but we have received an acknowledgment of our written complaint.

For those that doubt the word of the Monks, here is a precis of what has been said and written.

We wrote this to the Alden


We recently contacted you regarding my cell phone which was found on the beach and handed in to you.

Sorry to not get back to you earlier but we have been jet lagged and exhausted by the home journey.

I would be grateful if you would arrange to have it mailed to us at our home address, which is as follows

Leslie and Sara Monk, Etc Etc United Kingdom

For the purposes of identify the phone, it is a grey, slightly battered Sony Ericson Phone, with a green string attached.

We enjoyed our 4 nights at the Alden and we will certainly be returning, to St Pete. The staff were commendable and we shall be writing a favorable review of our visit on our web site, shoestringonline.co.uk

We will be glad to pay for the postage. Please let us know the cost and we will arrange payment. I would be grateful if you would switch off the phone if you have not done so already.

Thanks very much and regards to Ernest, if he passes by.

Leslie Monk

Because they did not respond we wrote them again and then again.

We also wrote to Hotels.Com who sold us the holiday at the Alden.  and they cknowledged our complaint.

We wrote:

 I was extremely pleased with the service I got in Florida with HOTELS.COM and i wlll be using them again in the very near future.  You actually saved my holiday when you found me a cheap price for 4 nights staying at the Alden Beach resort in St Pete Beach, Florida. and the young man's name was Sian.  ..........  I complimented him then and there on his lovely conscientious service and spoke to his manager.

Thank you Hotels.com for a fine service.  By the way, I had already gotten a price ........

One year later we received the following response from Hotels.com confirming and in fact quoting what we had written on the subject, one year earlier. But this email did not offer a resolution or the return of my phone.

They wrote:

Dear Sara Monk,

This is to acknowledge that your request/suggestion on 'Issues with a completed trip' with comments 'We booked with you to stay at the Alden Beach Resort in St Petes Beach last year in May 2009. I lost my black cell phone on the beach in front of their property and they admitted finding the phone after I left. ;............ I offered to pay the postage but still no response from them. ..... got a fantastic price last year.' is received by ssl.hotels.com.

Communications and the Photographer


The Alden Beach Resort

St Petes Beach

Customer Service: 0/10

Monkfry's The Alden photoset Monkfry's The Alden photoset


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