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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day         Leslie Monk




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Hello CoOp, Tara Halifax

CoOp insurance gave us an excellent painless service today.

Mrs Monk had her precious Raybans stolen from pool side at David Lloyd Tennis Club. This distressed her more than last week’s food poisoning. I warned her that she must register her complaint or risk not being covered by our CoOp Insurance policy. She did so, and they accepted her explanation. Within minutes they had deposited cash instantly by BACS into our Halifax Current Account. Well done the CoOp.

Satisfaction within twenty four hours.

I wish to contrast this with the appalling service of  Halifax Bank Of Scotland and ironically the recipients of that same BACS deposit.

I refer to the last time we made a claim for stolen property on our household insurance policy which was in 2008, when we were burgled in the night as we slept in our beds. Stolen were two old  lap tops, one of which belonged to Mrs Monk’s then employer, an Academy. The police came, finger prints were not found,  and we made an insurance claim with our then insurers,  the very same Halifax Bank Of Scotland, with whom we still have our mortgage and current account to this very day.

The thieves got away with a lot less than the Halifax Bank Of Scotland, because The Halifax declined to reimburse us for our losses.  We admit that we did not close the window through which the burglars entered the house as we slept, and that was the reason given for declining our claim. It does seems odd that you can't open a window to air a house when the Building Regulations say you must have windows that open for that purpose.

When the news of our burglary got about we were embarrassed to learn that we were foolishly paying three times more than our identical neighbours for our household insurance. We had simply allowed the Halifax to increase our premiums unquestioningly over a fifteen year period because we were stupid.

Serves us right. We should have assumed the Halifax would rip us off but we trusted them. It was our mistake. The Halifax got away with more than the small time crooks that climbed up into our skylight.

Two months later we were required to renew our policy. I phoned not the Halifax Claims Line but Halifax Sales in order to negotiate our renewal. I spoke with a lady at the Halifax call centre who had a beautiful Yorkshire accent, and I was delighted not get any hard sell.  I waited as she read her script, which included a number of startling promises that I knew would not be kept. I chose my moment carefully and then told her about the burglary. It may be that at that precise moment she realised that her employer, Halifax Bank of Scotland had required her to follow a script and sell me a crock of shite. I sensed that she was flabbergasted, so I attempted to reassure her and told her I did not want to get her into trouble, but that I would like to speak to her supervisor.

She told me, that she was the supervisor, and went off script for a while, and with some stoic determination in her voice, she told me to leave it with her and that she would speak personally with the Claims Department and would phone me back.

She did that to her great credit. Twenty Four hours later she confided in me and told me that she had fought all day for the Monks and that the Claims department would not change the decision that they had made.

I thanked her for trying.

This was the summer of  2008. We all know what subsequently happened to Fred the Shred, but what happened to that Yorkshire lass that fought for the Monks? They record all those call centre calls to "improve customer service" so maybe she was found out for being too honest for that job, maybe she was paid off with a compromise agreement and a confidentiality gagging clause.

The Academy, sent Mrs Monk a bill for the stolen Laptop. That's privatisation for yer.


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by  Monkles  24 July 2013

HBOS banksters got away with more than the small time crooks that climbed up into our skylight.

Tara meaning

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