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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day         Leslie Monk




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by  Monkles 3 April 2013




Dear George

Thank you for writing to me, Did Dave" give you my E-mail.  I usually hear from your firm if you have a hard sell message or a want my vote. LOL.

I am concerned about unforeseen consequences of your proposals. I agree with you absolutely that we should "make sure people are better off in work than on benefits"

Now, to solve that unfairness issue you could have taken alternative steps to raise the living standards of the middle class, but have instead gone for the wicked curtain twitching welfare abusing child killers. (You must be thrilled by the Tory Tabloid press headlines today). Yes, it is the Daily Mail core Tory voter/readers that give you as chancellor, more cash than the filthy rich or the filthy poor.

Yes, I agree with you, we should all have the same living standards. Why should one man or woman have a job and  another be without. Why should one man be punished for exploiting the welfare system, and another man be rewarded for exploiting the banking system.

Its all about fairness George.

You are right about the 50% tax rate. The Filthy Rich  don't pay tax whatever rate you set for them. If  you were able to achieve a fair society, you would have to tax your friends and you would be Tory no more.  It is an existential no-brainier. No Tory, no George? Dah!

So lets get serious. Your only solution to "No Tory, No George" scenario, is to indiscriminately blame anyone dependent on the welfare state and to hope enough voters don't understand what you are doing, and if they do understand, that they don't give a shit.

Maybe you had better start working on a plan B because I sense that Plan A will go horribly wrong. Look behind you George.

And ask yourself, what is it that the poor have that they are able to give you to assist you with your deficit reduction? What exactly are you after? Is this intelligent thinking or mutton-headed class-war delusional thinking. What are the unforeseen consequences?

Were you top of the class at Eton? 

George, you might need to rethink the housing boom big idea, since that is what got us into this crisis. Have you forgotten? You blamed Labour for that and are still doing it. Your script is three years old.

Have you not noticed, the banks are on strike. Millionaires should know that George.

NHS funding is down George.. Very naughty to suggest otherwise, again.

 The Filthy Rich


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Daily Mail

Ugly Britain

The day George Osborne vilifies the poor and the Daily Mail  exploits the manslaughter of children.

Dear Leslie

This month, we're doing three big things to back working families: we’re making welfare fairer, helping to create jobs, and making sure you can keep more of what you earn.

Our reforms have one simple principle at their heart – making sure people are better off in work than on benefits.

Nine out of ten working households will be better off as a result of the changes we are making. The average working household will be better off by over 300 a year – that’s the equivalent of a typical monthly shop.

Fixing the welfare system

bullet  Introducing the Benefit Cap. This will mean no family that’s out of work should receive more in total benefits than the average family gets in work. It starts this April.

Uprating benefits by 1% Its not fair that out-of-work benefits should rise faster than the incomes of those in work. So we’re increasing discretionary working-age benefits by 1%. This will save more than 2 billion pounds a year. And to ensure that we use our social housing more fairly and effectively, we are ending the spare-room subsidy from this week.

Making work pay. Universal Credit will replace the current complex myriad of means-tested benefits. No longer will it be possible to be better off on benefits than in work. The first pathfinder starts this month.

Helping to create jobs

Cutting corporation tax. When we entered office corporation tax was 28%. On Monday corporation tax was cut to 23%, on the way to 20% - which will make our system the most competitive in the G20. It's a tax cut for growth and jobs.

We’re introducing new research and development tax breaks so companies can invest in the high technology that is the future of the British economy.

We’ll be abolishing the jobs tax altogether for many hundreds of thousands of our small businesses in the coming year.

bullet  The 50p rate of tax is going, because it wasn’t working. Revenues fell, as the wealthy paid less. So we got the worst of both worlds: a tax rate that discouraged enterprise and didn't raise more money from the rich.

bullet  We're introducing Help to Buy, a dramatic intervention to get our housing market moving. It will help people who can afford to buy but who cannot begin to afford the kind of deposits being demanded today.

bullet  We’re delivering results. Over one million private sector jobs have been created in our economy over the last three years. The rate of employment has risen faster here than in the US and three times as fast as in Germany. And last year, more businesses started in this country than in any other year before.

Helping you keep more of what you earn

The biggest tax cut in a generation. From this Saturday, the personal allowance will rise from 8,105 to 9,440. And next year we're going to increase it to 10,000. 24 million people will pay over 700 less in income tax than when this government came to office.

Predictably, Labour oppose everything we’re doing to clear up their mess - but they offer no constructive alternative.

Bringing Labour’s soaring benefits bill under control means we have been able to protect spending on the NHS and pensioners, cut the deficit by a third and help working families.

That's the way to protect our future, and make the country fairer too.

Yours sincerely,

George Osborne

Chancellor of the Exchequer