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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day         Leslie Monk




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Hannan, the Deluded

The NHS has been derided by Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan in terms that are designed to appeal to Fox TV and not to the British electorate. Fox flatters Hannan, but then they also fated David Icke, as a spiritual guru.

Since Hannan represents the Conservative Party on a world stage, his negative perspective of the NHS is unpalatable to the Nth degree. So why does the Conservative Party and our Prime Minister tolerate Hannan, and why has he not been expelled from the Conservative party since his absolute opposition, is off-message and indeed contradicts the pledge of the Conservative manifesto.

It could be that the Conservative party have an agenda of privatising the NHS by stealth and Hannan's view prevails in Conservative clubs all over the country.

Prime Minister Cameron's "No top down of the NHS" pledge did not exactly materialise within the coalition, so should we be sceptical of the Tory agenda.

Hannan is fond of saying the NHS is "inefficient".

Every US citizen is paying twice the per capita budget of every UK citizen, and not every US citizen receives the treatment they require. Who would possibly describe that system as "efficient". Only Fox and Hannan are so deluded. The Nuffield Trust looked into this and here you will discover why the American Health system is sick and inefficient.

No health service could possibly commit to providing every medical benefit to every citizen on demand, and that would be so within any heath service provision including the USA. In all Health systems there are dilemmas, and ethical imperatives, guiding matters of  life and death.

Hannan peddles rhetoric if not for financial gain, then for inglorious delusional self-  aggrandising foolishness, and only an idiot would be impressed by the endorsement of a fool.

Routine provision of health care in the US is determined either by the ability to pay directly or by  the access to care through private insurance, or otherwise  provided in some cases by philanthropic contribution, but no American citizen has the right to free medical care, unless they live and pay taxes in Great Britain.

Put it bluntly, in Britain you have a right to a fairer chance of surviving a routine medical problem, whereas in America you might fear the cost of treatment, forego treatment become more unhealthy, and die prematurely.

On the other hand in America you have access to highest standards of medical care, if you are able to pay.

Hannan and Fox claim that the NHS is inefficient claiming that they do  not achieve the highest standards of medical care. That of course is no measure of efficiency, even if it were true and it is no true, because any British citizen that has enough cash has as much right to pay for the best medical care available in anywhere in the entire world if they can afford it.

The difference is that every British citizen has the right to equitable access to medicine and that is what most Britons call desirable and efficient, even this right of centre government, Even the US electorate has now endorsed this view in the recent Presidential election. Only politically motivated bigots like Hannan, would say otherwise.

The only question mark is whether we believe Cameron and Clegg, because of what they are now doing to the NHS, and whether or not Daniel Hannan, MEP, should be expelled from the Conservative Party.

This week's NHS story concerned incompetence of Trusts in terms of paying too much for medical supplies and drugs. The centralised economic purchasing power of the NHS has of course been devalued by the breaking up of NHS into competing trusts. Dah! Competition in public services just does not work.

Hannan, take note.

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by  Monkles 24 November 2012





Whether or not Daniel Hannan, MEP, should be expelled from the Conservative Party