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Dear Jeremy Hunt....

 BBCbias #NHS  #Hippo #OurNHS

4 March 2017

The “Our NHS” demonstrations do not appear on today’s BBC News

 BBCbias #NHS  #Hippo #OurNHS

27 February 2017

And The Winner Is.. #BBCbias

Jeremy Hunt who is accused of covering up the scale of the NHS data loss scandal because that story did not even make the BBC headlines today.

They did however find space to use the word “unhinged” to describe Shadow chancellor John McDonnell defence of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

This is not a joke on La La Land.


 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #NHS

11 February 2017


The Bleeding Obvious





Deadly Bull Shit

#NHS #SaveTheNHS #Hippo

09 January 2017

When the Conservatives promised adequate future NHS funding in order to get elected, it was not acceptable; they now repeat that promise today as if we were not now in that "future". Mayday restated her long term Tory plans for the NHS yesterday and Jeremy Hunt made the same feeble unconvincing promise today, as if that made complete sense.

We are now in the inevitable "future" predicted by NHS professionals. Patients have died on trolleys in NHS corridors this week. This deadly crisis was created by this government.

31 October 2016

It becomes a lie

 #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #BBCQT

It seems that even Tory MPs know that Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May's continuously repeated assertion that they have added 10 billion to the NHS budget is a lie.

“Five MPs led by the Conservative Dr Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the Commons health select committee, have written to the  chancellor demanding the government abandon its incorrect claims of  putting 10bn into the NHS annual budget by the end of this parliament  and admit the severity of its financial shortage.” The Guardian.

Since then Jeremy Hunt has repeated the lie with some thinly disguised spin.

But it's much worse than that......

As that junior doctor on #BBCQT said when you repeat an assertion that has been repeatedly proven wrong, it becomes a big fat lie.


MayDay Healthscare


20 October 2016

How nice that Her Majesty’s opposition can at last have a go at Government Policy.


Would Jeremy Corbyn’s exchange with Theresa May on the critical state of the NHS underfunding make the headlines?

Not with this Main Stream Media.

#BBCbias   #NHS #ToryLauraK

19 October 2016

MayDay Healthscare

Theresa May’s dangerous Sophistry

#Brexit #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #PMQS


30 May 2016

Hippos and HipOps

Mrs Monk’s unique qualities and less about Tory bashing.

#NHS #hunt #shoestringonline #saramo

15 May 2016


Became the News for the wrong reasons this week. LauraK was an unpopular Tory person before I found out she was an unpopular Tory “woman”.

Tory Spin-Mantra

on Marr

#NHS #tory #hunt

The Tory spin is that Jeremy Hunt has secured a "Seven Day NHS", when we do already have a seven day NHS, and the best the NHS could possibly afford to provide given the current  Tory funding.

The Junior Doctor’s dispute is not about pay, or the so called "Seven Day NHS", but nevertheless Andrew Marr's guests both recited today the Tory spin-mantra as if they were making complete sense and not the Tory lie.

26 Apr 2016

Spin the Lie


Hunt and all persons Tory continue to spin the lie that the strike is about greedy junior doctors and not about the futility of an unfunded electoral Tory promise that cannot and will not be fulfilled, by this government.


Currently a popular story on these pages as follows.


Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

25 February 2016

Where’s the Dough Dave?

Provocative correlation of hospital mortality rates and the Junior Doctor’s Contract

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

24 February 2016

Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

16 February 2016

Processed Cheese

A Gerbil’s View of Jeremy Hunt

#sameoldtories  #democracy #nhs

If you think the Blairites who opposed Corbyn were Processed Peas, just compare and contrast with the Tories who spiel their lines so predictably, a gerbil would know what they might say before they said it.

12 January 2016

Kuenssberg Cuddles Hunt

NHS Doctors “will not win” says #torylaura #Kuenssberg #nhs

27 December 2015


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Madness and Meditation

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake

#NewAge #Mindfulness #Unmadefilms

one of many

Unmade Films

12 January 2016

Kuenssberg Cuddles Hunt

#torylaura #nhs #Kuenssberg

Jeremy Hunt went missing today, and journalists were told they were not allowed to ask where he was. Hunt is somewhat paranoid about micro managing his message, and his whereabouts; he did once hide behind a tree, quite literally, to avoid journalists with awkward questions about another matter involving Rupert Murdoch. I digress.

Hunt has a well prepared banal on-message answer on the NHS doctors strike, but he can only give that answer if he gets the right spoon-fed Tory-friendly question.

That would be a job for, who else, but the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.

5 Minutes after Hunt gave Tory Laura his banal message, she spoke to the nation on the BBC 6pm News and told us all that the NHS Doctors “will not win” this NHS contract dispute with Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron.



Hunt refused to appear on Channel Four News and they should take pride in that rejection.

27 December 2015

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Madness and Meditation

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake

#NewAge #Mindfulness #Unmadefilms

one of many

Unmade Films

21 December 2015

What’s this?

As we do our Christmas Shopping the government publish FOI Stats.

Jeremy Hunt said he found some waste in the NHS and eliminated that waste. Would this be it?

NHS hospitals investigate one in seven deaths of vulnerable patients.

What’s this?

Cameron said he would, and in fact had increased NHS funding, but this graphic says otherwise. In fact Cameron has neither “increased” nor “ring fenced” NHS Funding as he frequently continues to claim, but he has reduced NHS funding. If you doubt this following graphic,.....

...... see just about every other table you might find if you google ...  nhs+spending+per+capita

Why do they lie?

#NHS #Cameron

Toxic Tories

Addenbrooke’s “failure” is proof that Toxic Tories are bad for your health.


21 July 2015

The Hard Disc

GPs follow procedures informed by a computer programme #alzheimers #NeverForget #NHS

16 July 2015

So why is Jeremy Hunt and other politicians like Daniel Hannan so determined to find fault with the NHS?

Jeremy Hunt has decided today that our Doctors are at fault and not the Trusts that “manage” the hospitals and not the Politicians like him that fail to provide the funds to support the NHS, whilst always pretending unconvincingly that they do.

18 May 2015

Toxic Tories

So why are Tories so determined to find fault with the NHS?

13 May 2015

The 23% Tory Mandate

23.5% of those eligible to vote supported the Conservative Party, and enabled Cameron to claim yesterday he had a mandate to execute his manifesto.

Already they have decided to do stuff not in their manifesto.

With no sense of irony Britain's brand new Tory Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, announced yesterday that Strikes will be illegal if Trade Unions fail to get 40% support from their members.

That will be the very first thing they do in the very first Queen’s Speech.

The 23% Tory Mandate will then dismantle the NHS, but not the water cannons?

One Nation BS



2 May 2015

the lie behind all other lies

14 April  2015

Mandate Seeker

Programmed responses, Nixon-like embarrassing, and desperately inappropriate.

 3 March  2015

Spending Spin

Tory Plans to Avoid Tory Spending Plan Questions

1 March 2015

Promises! Promises!

Grant Shapps, Chairman of the Conservative Party, makes unconvincing uncosted promises ..


3 December 2013

Jeremy Hunt today repeated his assertion that NHS staffing levels are rising when they are falling.

The HSCIC provide the latest stats published in November 2013 that tell a different story.

5 Sep 2013

Today Iain Duncan Smith referred to the Welfare Programme as “their programme,” referring to the civil servants he fired, and not “his programme.” Some might say “his” ideologically motivated flagship policy has been a waste of money designed to appeal to Daily Mail readers.

He said this morning that he fired the people responsible and he brought in the commercial operators, and they will not add to the cost of his pet project.

Since when do I.T. companies work for nothing?

16 February 2013

  Dear Jeremy

 May be Jeremy Hunt’s "Yes, Minister" moment.

10 February 2013  Jeremy Hunt appeared on the Andrew Marr programme today, with a smiley face and few answers.

Gone is the false claim that the current government has increased NHS funding in real terms. Instead , he gave another assurance that NHS spending will be “protected”, whatever that means.  Also claims that he wants to dismiss any Mid Staf NHS neglectful staff who were accountable, but not the management that were in charge. Think that is what he said. He is a slippery one. I expect none to be found accountable. We shall see. Could it be the budget shortfall to blame? Who then culpable?


9 February 2013 What is it about the NHS that offends Jeremy Hunt?

24 January 2013  Privatised health contractor's staff told to cut 999 calls to meet targets. Is anyone surprised?

Three Years ago.

Dear NHS

David Cameron wrote to me three years ago promising to protect NHS values and to protect it from cuts. He then set about changing the NHS forever devaluing the historic NHS ethos with yet more privatisation, doing so with no mandate, and by cleverly disguising actual Tory values that are more inclined to trip off the twisted tongue of his Tory colleague Daniel Hannan, who enjoys being feted by the repugnant Fox TV.


The Rubicon

29 November 2012 Cameron might recoil from his pledge to honour his pledge

Hannan, the Deluded

24 November 2012

Whether or not Daniel Hannan, MEP, should be expelled from the Conservative Party.


6 September 2012 Jeremy Hunt who has declared and written that he wants to dismantle the NHS is now in charge of the NHS  and given the job by the man that reneged on his promise not to dismantle the NHS.

Hunt attempted and failed to dismantle the NHS tribute in the Olympic opening ceremony.

Read the Fleet Street Fox in the Mirror, who would have had all of these opinions on the reshuffle of jokers, approved by their best lawyers.

front bench jobsworths

25 Aug 2012


Hunt says it is not for him, Culture and Media Secretary to tell his friend Rupert Murdoch what to publish in the Sun.

Gove said it is not for him, The Education Secretary to tell the Education Examination boards what to do.

Hunt says that he followed advice at all times during the Murdoch bid for Sky, and that meant he acted properly.

Gove said he ignored advice given on his damaging changes to the National Curriculum and that meant he acted properly.

Neither responsible for anything?



17 June 2012  David Cameron and Rebeka Brooks, Osborne and Coulson, Hunt and now Gove, all in it together.

14 June 2012

3 June 2012

Cable Hunt and Cameron, all puppets of unseen advisors?   Cable and Hunt had opposing views on the BSkyB bid.  We are told this did not affect the outcome of the bid because they were acting on advice at all times. It is implied therefore that Vince Cable and Jeremy Hunt would have made the same decision on the BSkyB bid. That may be David Cameron's view on the matter, expressed today on Andrew Marr, or the view that his advisors have told him to express.


  18 January 2011 Privatised Giveaway


4 January 2010 Dear NHS








Unmade Films






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 Jeremy Hunt can’t fix the NHS.

BBCbias #NHS  #Hippo #OurNHS

No one now believes a word he says.

Polly Toynbee




These are stories published on these pages which relate to the NHS the "socialised" UK health system that Jeremy Hunt was ideologically opposed when he was Culture Secretary and tried to have it removed from Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony.

David Cameron then made Hunt, Health Secretary with no apparent regard for the string of scandals that preceded his appointment. The hypocrisy then went into overdrive and continues to this day.

Political meddling has worsened the NHS.

Politicians have an important role in providing and protecting the NHS budget. Jeremy Hunt and Cameron continue to make false claims that they have protected the NHS budget but it is worse than that, because they have made the NHS less efficient.

Thatcher was less coy about preferring the private sector where she should get treated "when she wanted it and where she wanted it" as she famously remarked.

Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron inherited the most efficient National Health Service in the world and they have made it less efficient, all the while denigrating the NHS while pretending that they are improving it.

Stories on theses pages make that clear.









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