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JenaDesigns for Building Plans on CAD for  Planning Permission

Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day         Leslie Monk




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Leigh On Sea......

1 March 2011 Best Vac Shop

28 February 2011 Best Car Wash

Recent Pictures of Leigh On Sea

Recent Cat Flap Charlie and Friends

 TheMaximum Wage? Mrs. Monk wrote and presented a piece for BBC R4 in 1997, called Death in Essex. This was about her attempt to find a job in the early 90’s  .........


Leigh On Sea and the Chocolate Moon    31 January 2011 this page  is from January  2009. The page went haywire so I have reconstructed it and re-published it.

31 January 2011   On BBC Breakfast News, David Cameroon defended the proposed NHS reforms. He said there was “no privatisation going on”, and then moments later said that GPs would be able to spend their new public money to send patients to private hospitals, if they see fit.

27 January 2011  The Referee’s A Wanker    

27 January 2011  Dear Diarium

26 January 2011   Can anything else go wrong? The website server, the Monkle , Yahoo and the Tax Man. all in one week, not to mention, the back ache, the back biting and Mrs. Monk’s nagging about spelling. ..... and Rupert Murdock.

6 January 2011     Google Ads are relentlessly showing pictures of ladies in underwear on this page, and assuming my readers are interested in this subject. This is of course out of my control, and by no means a Monkles preoccupation apart from the mention of knickers, in September 2010 below.

24 December 2010    The Christmas Tennis Widow and the Stinking Boy

23 December 2010    Christmas present wrapping accident. Broken glass, two stitches in right hand index finger. Nice nurse wore  novelty Santa socks that matched mine. Tells me to wear a rubber glove in the shower. Mm.. I say!

 30 November 2010   Alfred Owen

3 November 2010     Where Be Mrs Monk?

28 September 2010 Knickers

26 September 2010   Love, Love, Love,

4 September 2010    Too Hot For Tennis

17 June 2010    The Army

12 April 2010 A Mess for Hire

10 April 2010  Old Dames & Homophobia

3 April 2010 The Art Is Crap And So Are The Critics

13 March 2010 Farmville Meat is Murder

7 March 2010  The Art, The Artist, and the Model.

14 February 2010 VD day Copy Cats and Thieves

1 January 2010 ICE AGE 2009

25 December 2009 No Sun Today

2 December 2009 Revenge of the Telephobic Revisited

20 Oct 2009 Salt and Roses

16, February 2009 Monkfry Photostream Movie

24 January 2009 Leigh On Sea and The Chocolate Moon

8 September 2008 Ozzie and Frozzie and Cat Flap Charlie

 28 August 2008 FOOLISH

18 June 2008 Knickers are no longer optional.

10_June_2008 Pushing Daisies

4 April 2008 The Cat Burglary

1 April 2008 War Games

23 March 2008 Easter Charlie

4 March 2008. Bus Stop

1 March 2008 Tough Parking

23 September 2007 Movie Road Rage

22 sEPT 2007   Helen of Leigh


GEO The grand project of  LEIGH ON SEA

Recent Pictures of Leigh On Sea

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