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30 April 2011

Dear Sayeeda

Yet more AV BS.

It is not unusual under the present voting system to hear politicians indulge in porky pies, in order to cling on to power.

I see that you are at it again.

The current system is unfair because under this system power is simply handed from one  “mainstream” party to another, in turn for the ministerial car and other privileges.

After the connected scandals of bonuses and parliamentary expenses, now is surely the time for change.

You seem to agree with me, in that the current electoral system favours both Labour and the Conservatives, but you have gone further by claiming that mainstream parties including your party, deserve this advantage over all others.

Of course you are a baroness who has already made a comfortable landing in the House of Lords, where you are free to ignore the electorate and say what you please.  It remains open that Chris Huhne may carry out his threat and challenge you in the Courts for misrepresentation that may effect the outcome of this very important referendum.

History shows us that the current system of voting has created outcomes which are neither democratic, nor at all fair in any respect.

Put “simply” which is how you want it, your notion that “BNP votes are worth more than yours, (Conservatives)” is utter clap trap of the worst scare mongering kind.

In deciding who becomes elected, it is proposed by the Yes campaign that all voters should face the same choice, and that in the final count that ultimately matters, all voters should have just one preference that actually matters.

No voter will be disregarded. Imagine that.

The difference that AV would make, is that everyone has a meaningful choice that would determine the outcome of future elections, and more fairly so, and more proportionately representative of the electorate.

Under the current system, that is not exctly so, and that is of course why the conservatives favour the current system, contrary to what you have repeated in your e-mail.

Labour is of course the other mainstream power and to his great credit, Ed Miliband is in favour of AV. unlike other power-hungry dinosaurs in the Labour Party who oppose it.

I am sorry that a Chairman of the Conservative Party finds the AV system “confusing”. You could of course ask anyone that has voted for “Pop Idol” or “Strictly Come Dancing” for help. They all seemed to get the hang of it quite easily.

You also seem to object to party workers hanging about polling stations, but as far as I know that goes on under the current system. And your objection to party workers telling people how to vote, is offered without a hint of irony, given that this is exactly what you are doing with your e-mail.

It is one thing to be accused of lying in your earlier dispatches about what AV will cost, but I feel that the electorate do mind about Politicians telling lies, and then failing to put the record straight once they are found out.

I am waiting for you to do this. Meanwhile perhaps you would contemplate just how much cash AV will actually save the nation.

I shall be voting YES, and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a lifetime.


From Sayeeda Warsi 

Dear Leslie,

A week today, Britain will make one of the most important decisions in our political history. I call the AV Referendum the mother of all elections - because this is critical to the future of our democracy.

The simple fact is unless enough people go out to vote next Thursday we could end up sleepwalking into a system which damages our democracy permanently. This is one election with no expiry date.

So with seven days to go, I am calling on you to join me and help win this referendum. From Belfast to Brighton, Glasgow to Gravesham, in Cardiff, Canterbury or Carlisle - we need you to help get out the vote. This is one of those elections where I need you to go the extra mile.

Remember: there are three big reasons why Britain should vote No next Thursday.

First, AV is unfair. With First Past the Post, everyone gets one vote. But under AV, supporters of extreme parties like the BNP will get their votes counted more than those who vote for mainstream parties. Put simply, BNP votes are worth more than yours.

Second, AV is confusing. Just look what happens in Australia, where they use AV and want to get rid of it. Party workers stand outside polling stations with 'How to Vote' cards, telling people the exact order to rank each candidate.

And third, AV is costly - no matter what our opponents claim, there is a real danger that AV would be an expensive political fix, coming with higher costs and a raft of new bureaucracy.

Take a look at the rest of the world. Right now, First Past the Post is used by 2.4 billion people across the planet. It's the most widely used system in the world. But AV is used in just three countries: Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

So if, like me, like Churchill, like many leading historians, sports stars and scientists, you know that AV would be a disaster for our democracy, get in touch with your local association and find out how you can help.

There's also still time to join our No to AV Group. Over a thousand people have already signed up, and they're really helping to shape our campaign, giving important feedback and getting exclusive previews of all our No to AV ad campaigns.

Whether it's delivering leaflets, canvassing constituents, or putting up posters, anything you can do will help in these last few days. And while you're at it, you can also get involved in our local election campaign - and help stop Labour doing to your council what they did to our country.

Best wishes,

Sayeeda Warsi

Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party


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Put simply, Warsi lied about AV.