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The Game of Tennis


Opinionated Stories about Tennis by Tennis Egg Heads and Nerds.


24 January 2017

Murray Hits The Wall

#Tennis #DavisCup

John McEnroe predicted Andy Murray's burnout in the Australian Open, and did so before the tournament got underway. The remarkable effort that promoted Andy to Numero 1 status was no walk in the park. McEnroe was not just referring to a physical trauma but also to the mental exhaustion of that 2016 long run of wins by Murray.

Murray crashed out of the AO, defeated by an entertaining but lowly 50-ranked Mischa Zverev. Some overexcited pundits felt that Zverev had rewritten the coaching manual with his slow-ball tactics and the charging of the net, perhaps more suited  to club Doubles Play according to received wisdom.

During the match Murray, who is revered for his defensive skills, appeared to assume that his opponent would eventually succumb to his sustained attack. If so, I also thought this was bound to happen, but it did not.

Murray played well enough to defeat any other player outside of the top ten, but not as well as he needed on that day. He failed to adapt to the unfamiliar player he faced, he failed to find his service rhythm, he failed to hit his spots.

Mischa Zverev's served and volleyed on every serve, and chipped and charged at every opportunity. His  tactics meant extremely short points and less time for Murray to react tactically. Nobody saw this coming.

McEnroe may well have called the outcome, but not the manner of Murray's defeat.

We now have the prospect of Murray declining to play Davis Cup next week against Canada. I think Britain can win without him but he should perhaps play nevertheless. It may just give him the boost in confidence that Davis Cup camaraderie can provide. He still has a couple of days to consider his options. Nobody should doubt his commitment to Davis Cup.

He might also love to replay Mischa Zverev again this week but that is not going to happen. Davis Cup will happen.


19 December 2016

Andy Murray

Another first as the world No 1 wins the prestigious Sports Personality of the Year for the third time, which is a record in itself since no athlete has achieved that until now.

But has he won a set of tennis with a broken arm? See below.

#Tennis #SPOTY

21 November 2016

the "undisputed" World

No 1

#Tennis #MurrayDjokovic


I'm falling out of love with falling.

#Tennis #MurrayDjokovic

26 October 2016

Lord of the Flies

It was a quiet morning at the tennis club. Only one court was occupied by two ladies. Apart from the sound of a ball being whacked ladylike and the occasional lady squeal of disappointment when a ball missed the target, all was peaceful. I passed the time waiting for my opponent to arrive reading the Guardian on this tablet.

But the tranquility would not last for this was a school holiday.

The sound of children squealing was at first a distant din that became ever louder as they advanced; they were marching en masse toward my comfortable resting place.

This was an undisciplined rabble army of bickering yelling unruly 7 year olds led and supervised by a 16 year old who was out of his depth.

As they passed 5 feet from me, I looked up from my Guardian article. A small boy said directly to me without stopping, "What are you looking at?"

I smiled at his leader.  The jaw of the 16 year old Lord of the Flies had dropped; he would have expected me to take offence.

#Education #Tennis

15 May 2016

Yet Another,  “Melbourne Moment”

Andy Murray crushed Novak Djokovic in the Rome Masters Final.

Novak was keen to reference his defeat to worries about potential injury to his ankles, but only did so when Murray was about to serve and when Novak was about to lose.

In fact Novak had played badly, by his standards, all week, suffering, with for example an embarrassing bagel by the lowly ranked Bellucci from Brazil in his Quarter Final.

His hissy-fit designed to bully the umpire into calling a favaouble “time-out” rain delay was rejected, and was of course charectorised as yet another “Melbourne Moment”. The sin was componded by Novak’s  bouncing of a racquet into the crowd which may have deffaulted a lower ranked player.

Befitting a Roman coliseum, Twitter adjudged Novak with a resounding thumbs down, and the verdict: sore loser.

Murray enjoyed the conditions and was uncharacteristically calm because he was the better player in all departments  on this day.  



24 Mar 2016

Long White Trousers


Sue Barker's Frilly Pink Knickers

#NovakDjokovic #hormones

Novak Djokovic entered the minefield of the "equal prize money" debate this week as many players have done so before him. He has since been trying to diffuse the minefield with some uncomfortably unconvincing grovelling. He should have known not to mention “hormones.”

World number one says male tennis players should earn more money than their female counterparts because more people watch them play, but that is not what he meant to say?

Novak Djokovic's career prize money is currently...


Serena Williams career prize money is currently...


Factor in the sponsorship and these sums become ever more obscene.

Novak and Serena are both pampered with private jets and huge entourages of gofers.

The notion that the elite players should be rewarded in terms of their effort to achieve such prizes is clearly anachronistic. The effort required of lowly ranked players without private jets and no cash, is clearly so much greater.

Serena has argued for equality of prize money on the grounds that it be disrespectful of her status as the equal of Novak Djokovic. She might of course hand back that prize money and direct the public gaze to her  glorious  tennis record, but that is unlikely to happen.

Novak is busy recanting his view and might also want to repay his prize money so it might be redistributed amongst the lower ranked players so they can make ends meet.

Now that would be something that would take the greed out of tennis and return it to the good old amateur days, when there was no drug abuse, but many a long white trouser, and Sue Barker's frilly pink knickers to excite and delight us all in equal measure.


8 Mar 2016

Maria Sharapova was not dressed like this when she admitted to a "mistake".

She was more dressed like a victim or a grieving widow.

Already her story and excuses are unravelling.

Fact check

Maria Sharapova’s favourite performance enhancing drug ...

#meldonium #cheating #sharapova


29 Nov 2015


Andy Murray’s

Davis Cup Year

The Final Point, the match point that won the Davis Cup for GB was classic Murray featuring ferocious crosscourt rallies astonishing "gets" and a winning defensive lob from the baseline.

David Goffin was a stubborn opponent on his favourite surface, and not the David Goffin overwhelmed by Murray in Paris just two weeks ago.

Murray had to work hard for the victory and his emotional release at the end was palpable as he collapsed and rolled tearfully in the clay.

Team-mates led by Leon Smith collapsed over him to celebrate his and their achievement.

Murray had the presence of mind to force himself away from his team-mates in order to shake the hand of Goffin and in turn each of the Belgian team.

This may be the most moving moment of Murray's career and one which epitomises the character of the man.

22 Aug 2015

Novak Djokovic’s Dark Side And Yet Another Melbourne Moment

#Netgate #Djockovic


There was yet another so called #Netgate incident this week.

Novak Djockovic cannot continue to claim he does not know the rules forbidding a player from playing a ball on the opponents side of the net but continues to do so, and yes making excuses for doing so.

But its much worse than that.

So, what might have happened to Novak today if he was a set down and in a losing position in the second deciding set of a Cincinnati Masters Semi Final against a lowly ranked Dolgopolov who was playing out of his skin and about to beat him, Novak,, the world No 1?

You’ve guessed it, yet another “Melbourne Moment.”  Yes, Novak Djokovic was again suffering today, possibly dying of a diaphragm issue and if not, certainly in danger of jeopardising his upcoming US Open opportunity.

That was the the opinion of the pundits on Sky as it happened, and in due course the trainer and the Doctor appeared and administered a long pause and a “time out”. This would be what is commonly recognised to be cheating or what we might call yet another Novak Djokovic “Melbourne Moment.”

Andy Murray is a player that would never cheat in this way and in Cincinnati he has put his body and soul through incredible effort and pain without cheating, such is his  fundamental desire not to lose but  to win fairly. 


Mr Dolgopolov should consider the considerable deficit in his earnings this week and by who or how his earnings were diminished.


The following I wrote in June.

Professional Tennis Fouls

The Novak Djokovic character flaws are not disguised by his PR smile. We don’t buy it.

7 June 2015




19 July 2015

Davis Cup Win over France

And Murray Cries Again

There was a time when Andy Murray declined to play Davis Cup, when there was no realistic chance of winning, and perhaps because it would have damaged his chances of winning the greater prizes in tennis.

For that he was unfairly characterised as unpatriotic.

But then came Andy Murray's Grand Slam wins, the Olympics, and above all the emergence of new British players, most notably Dan Evans and now the new giant killer, James Ward.

This weekend Ward played his part without affecting the outcome of the tie, but without him of course there would have been no tie this weekend.

Andy Murray and Great Britain did require the participation of his brother Jamie yesterday to secure The Davis Cup Win over France but the greater burden was for Andy who was required to play all three energy sapping days.

I had noted before that Murray only cries when he loses, but not on this occasion.

Respect for the French team who applauded Murray and recognised his achievement this weekend, however the Murray trolls, who are never pleased, have already found new ways to deny him the credit he deserves.

Professional Tennis Fouls

The Novak Djokovic character flaws are not disguised by his PR smile. We don’t buy it.

7 June 2015

11 May 2015

Marriage Works

Andy Murray’s women.

The classic pre-Raphaelite model and noble figurehead, and some call it effing dancing.

28 August 2014

Andy Murray

could easily have gone out in the first round of the US Open, when his body went into cramp melt down.

He survived, but 6 seeded men did go out in the first round and that would hurt.

  • Marin Cilic (CRO) [14]
  • Feliciano Lopez (ESP) [19]
  • Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) [21]
  • Julien Benneteau (FRA) [24]
  • Santiago Giraldo (COL) [27]
  • Lukas Rosol (CZE) [29]

Unseeded Heather Watson also went out far too easily along with just three seeded women who also lost in the first round

  • Dominika Cibulkova (SVK) [12]
  • Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS) [20]
  • Garbine Muguruza (ESP) [25]

Andy Murray plays the unseeded German qualifier Matthias Bachinger tonight at midnight UK time.


16 December 2013

It is now official.

Andrew Murray is not only a brilliant tennis player much admired on these pages, but he is now defined as BBC-popular. And not just popular, because the BBC poll has now determined that Andrew Murray has a much coveted, BBC approved, “personality”.

I have never had a problem with the man, his tennis, or with his “personality”. Why on earth would anyone want to assess his “personality” anyway?

Is it me or is this BBC event becoming ever more tacky?

Well done Andy Murray nevertheless.

Hints have been made about his book, which ought to be under the Christmas Tree by now.


7 July 2013

Murray and Bartoli are my two favourite players on the Tennis Tour. Now both Wimbledon Champions. Both are awkward, and brilliant mavericks. Both are intelligent and amusing off court. Neither conform to stereotypical easy TV BS. 

Now they must dance at the Wimbledon Ball. Hope they go for it and start a conga.  Joy!

27 January 2013   Murray v Djockovic Stats

These Stats suggested that Djokovic would win this final in straight sets. That did not quite happen but it is so bewildering to see both players canceling each other out with such passive play. Both players had fewer than expected winners and more than expected unforced errors. Murray’s gross blisters may have hampered his movement but that would not explain his poor service stats.  Murray should have attacked from the end of the second set, win or lose, particularly if his movement was a problem and it obviously was. To his credit he made no issue of the blisters when he congratulated Novak, on his win. Murray’s feet were not pretty, and neither was the tennis.

Murray v Federer Stats

Murray is now playing his best tennis of the tournament and Federer has had the tougher drawer. The stats suggest that Murray has the edge and that turned out to be correct. Murray is inclined to choke in tie breaks which pronged this match.

20 January 2013

Remarkable 5 setters.

Simon heroically defended his position against the now unseeded Gail Mofils in a five hour thriller.

 And Djokovic’s No 1 status seemed remarkably tenuous after the challenge of Wawrinker seeded 15

The five hour match ended at 3 a.m. local time. The scoreline tells the story of the Djokovic win.

1;6 7;5 6;4 6;7 12;10


Tomorrow morning 6am GMT, Andy Murray meets Simon seeded 14. Rankings suggest a tougher match for Murray than Djokovic. That is unlikely.

Murray v Chardy Stats

Chardy has achieved more in this tournament than Murray, by defeating a number of seeded players including DelPotro. Murray has had an easy ride so far. Is that a good or a bad thing?


Murray v Simon Stats

Stats predict that Murray will win this match in straight sets. Correctly.


Robson v Stephens Stats

Stats say Stephens but Vaginia Wade gets it wrong by picking Robson


Watson v Radwanska Stats

Stats predict that Radwanska will end  Heather Watson’s run. Correctly.


Murray v Barakis Stats

Stats predict that Murray may be tested in this third Round Match, Correctly


Robson v Kvitova Stats

Stats predict Robson but Kivotova had a tougher first round. Stats nevertheless correct.

Murray v Sousa Stats

Watson v Pervak Stats

Watson v Cadantu Stats

Robson v Oudin Stats

Murray v Hasse Stats

More stats will appear here

throughout the event.

Andy Murray

14 January 2013 The man to beat in the Australian Open?

Wilco and Andre Aggassi are the first to predict who might win.


Make a Prediction


11 September 2012

Andy Murray’s victory over Novak Djokovic in the Final of the US Open was correctly predicted by the following stats. Had you put your house on it, you would now have two houses.

The Murray v Djokovic Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


9 September 2012

Andy Murray will defeat Novak Djokovic in the Final of the US Open according to the following stats. Dont put your house on it.

The Murray v Djokovic Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


8 September 2012 Not quite as foreseen by stats. Unprecedented storm precipitates the evacuation of Flushing Meadow. This occurred after Murray secured a win over Berdych,  which included an incident concerning a hat blown off Andy Murray that cost him the first set. The subsequent Djokcovic, Ferrer match was abandoned due to a storm. This occurred when Ferrer was in a convincing  ascendancy over No 1 Djockovic. ............... and an unforseen  the reverse is the casr and  will Andy Murray defeatin Tomas Berdych twho could he Semi Finals of the US Open according to the following stats, which have not yet failed to predict correctly. This is bad news for Murray fans.

The Murray v Berdych Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


6 September 2012 Tomas Berdych will defeat Andy Murray in the Semi Finals of the US Open according to the following stats, which have not yet failed to predict correctly. This is bad news for Murray fans.

The Murray v Berdych Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


6 September 2012 Catch up on how good the pundits are at predicting what might happen at the US Open.

US OPEN Predictions

Make a Prediction


4 September 2012

The stats have not yet failed to predict a tennis outcome. Here is the prediction for the upcoming match between these two players in the Quarter Final.

The Murray v Cilic Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


3 September 2012

Andy Murray is tipped by the stats to narrowly win over Raonic but Raonic has thus far produced some 89 Aces to bludgeon his way into the fourth Round, a formidable challenge for Murray.

The Murray v Raonic Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


2 September 2012

Laura Robson is making a splash at the US Open having eliminated two big names, the former Champion Kim Clisters and Top ten player Na Li. I have looked at the first three round stats to see how her stas mearsure up to to her next opponent Sam Stoser. Stats say Stoser , but Stoser has not yet been tested.

The Stoser v Robson Stats

based upon US Open Official Stats


28 Aug 2012 Wilco has made his default prediction for the US Open, Roger Federer  to win the event even though his favourite player lost in three straight sets to Murray at the Olympics

US OPEN Predictions

Make a Prediction


5 Aug 2012 More tears during the Semi Finals from the otherwise cool but surprisingly passive Roger Federer in the Olympic Semi Final. The tears were clearly because he had to work so hard in that epic final set. Federers match against Delpotro  was in fact a virtual five-setter whereas Andy Murray was able to wrap up his victory over Djokovic in the other semi final, in just  two straight sets. So the prediction is Murray for Gold, Federer for Silver, and Djokovic will have to scrap for bronze against a wasted Delpotro. Excellent prediction.

Olympic Predictions

Make a Prediction

9 July 2012

My tournament stats correctly predicted both singles final outcomes, but Richard Johnson provided an outstanding prediction at the beginning of the event.

Wimbledon Predictions

9 July 2012

Andy Murray shed copious tears which is what he does when he loses grand slam finals. What might he do if he wins?

Wimbledon Predictions

Defy the Wimbledon Stats and make a prediction for the Semi finals  Predict.


4 July 2012

My stats analysis below cannot separate Murray and Ferrer, who play their quarter final today. If Murray serves as well as yesterday he should get through, but Ferrer is has found the best winners of any top five player, and also beat Murray in Paris just two weeks ago.


3 July 2012

The top five seeds had even honours in Round 4 of the Wimbledon Championship. Andy Murray had the best ace to double fault ratio which he achieved in awkward conditions against top server CilicDavid Ferrer had the best winner to unforced error ratio. Both have the momentum to do well in the Quarter Finals.

The Stats don’t lie.

23 June 2012

Tennis Pundit Wilco has spoken and predicts that Djokovic will win Wimbledon 2012. He is usually right but then this is not exactly a a jaw breaking predictions. BBC weather girl Carol claimed she picked six winners at Royal Ascot last week. That did make lose focus on the weather forecast. If you can do better than Wilco, please let me know.

Wimbledon Predictions

17 June 2012 Advertising Abuse Nalbandian attacks the Queen's sponsor in west London. Yes, there was some unintended collateral damage.

13 June 2012

Veteran German Tommy Haas attacks Andy Murray for perceived histrionics over injuries on court, referring to Murray’s back spasm in Paris, but Hass clearly did not actually watch that first set where Murray was not able to serve or move on court for the whole of the first set. It might have been gamesmanship if Murray had moved freely and then called the trainer but that did not happen. Hass may well be indulging in gamesmanship himself in advance of Wimbledon since he has been given a wild card.

The Stats don’t lie. But sometimes they fail to predict.

Djokovic to beat Nadal in four was the prediction based on the tournament stats, but Wilco went for Nadal in four.

Wilco has correctly predicted the winner of the last three majors. How does he do that?

But he got it wrong in last years Wimbledon, when he went for his hero, Roger Federer. who has been in good recent form, nevertheless.

30 May 2012

Round One of Roland Garros is now complete Serena Williams is out

and Tipsarevic is looking hot.

The Stats don’t lie.


30 May 2012 French Open Predictions

by Wilco and Others. Hit the contact link, make an impressive prediction and beat the Tennis Egg Heads.


28 May 2012 Roland Garros is now underway and Roger Federer registered 47 unforced errors in his first round match against the World Number 78, the  German, Tobias Kamke, but nevertheless won in straight sets.

3 March 2012  Federer beats Murray in ATP Dubai Final.

Wilco is better than an Octopus. Better than Sky pundits, Better than Saramo and Monkfry. But it was just a mere ATP 500.



3 March 2012 Federer and Murray in today’s ATP Dubai Final.

Andy Murray has an 8 to 6 winning advantage over Roger Federer,  and most of  this was achieved during Federer’s glory years.

Egg Head Tennis Wise Wilco  has spoken. ....

“Fed will win..again,” he wrote. And Wilco is more reliable than an Octopus in a fish tank.

26 February 2012 Andy Murray is in Dubai this week. Only Rapha is missing from the line up  Djokovic is in Murray’s side of the drawer, and should be in Federer’s if the seeding were fair. Looks like they after a Federer / Djokovic final and are not taking Murray seriously or  otherwise unwilling to treat him equitably.

Australian Open Top 8 Stats

By this imperfect analysis of the tournament stats Nadal posted the best stats overall by just one point over Djokovic. That will be of no comfort to Nadal, but it does show how tight it is at the top. Wilco made 5 separate predictions, and they all came true. How does he do that? He is better than the Sky pundits. If you made a prediction, thanks.

Australian Open Seeds

follow their progress during the tournament

Australian Open Predictions

by Wilco and Others. Hit the contact link, make an impressive prediction and beat the Tennis Egg Heads.

23 January 2012 Berdych had a run-in with Almalgro who floored him somewhat lamely with a tennis ball. This did not impress the Aussie crowd. In compesation, Berdych leads my unique table of the elite men, here posted for what its worth.

 19 January 2012 Mardy Fish has best stats of top eight at Australian Open, but loses and is now out. Might need to adjust stats format.

For some reason Murray again finds himself out on court nearly thrice the time of Djokovic and more than anyone else in the top eight, in the worst heat that Melbourne can provide. Nevertheless Murray is through into the second round..

15 January 2012 Mrs Monk predicts that Murray will win. Monkles is more conservative and believes he will at least reach the second week. Further predictions by Wilco and others may be forthcoming if they have the courage to put their reputations on the line. We shall see what happens, beginning tomorrow.

31 December 2011 Andy Murray has found a coach, Ivan Lendle. Lendle has been a long time admirer of Murray, and there are many similarities between the two.

Work has already started and they are preparing for the Australian Open which starts in just two weeks.

27 November 2011 Roger Federer diminished Andy Murray’s achievement in the Far East run of tournaments,  claiming that Andy Murray only won because a fit Roger Federer did not show up at those events. Since Murray has an 8 to 6 winning record against Federer, that would seem to be disrespectful not just to Andy Murray, but all other players that turned up for these events. Now that Federer has won the prestigious O2, I think that the inform, but injured Murray and Djokovic may also care to point out that Federer was lucky to have avoided facing both of them at the O2.

O2 Tennis Predictions

by Wilco and Others. Hit the contact link, make an impressive prediction and beat the Tennis Egg Heads. 24 November 2011

22 November 2011 At The O2 we are left surveying the walking wounded. Murray is out with a groin injury. Djockovic came in nursing a shoulder problem, albeit announced fit, if not match fit. Nadal has the runs, with confidence waning and having now been bagled by Federer today, following similar treatment by Murray last month.  Fish is floundering, and the event seems destined to go Federer’s way, unless Mrs Monk is right, and Berdich bounces back.

Murray’s  Strategy

19 November 2011 Someone should fix his rubbish kit


23 October 2011

Wilco says, “I predict Murray to win it, (The O2 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals), there, I have said it.” I feel Wilco’s pain, but is it to soon to write off Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer?


11 October 2011   Andy Murray has won 21 out of his last 22 matches and two ATP titles in two weeks (three, if you count the doubles win). If he wins this week in Shanghai, that will mean three ATP singles titles in three weeks and he will then become the new World Number Three. That could send Wilco, tennis pundit and Federer devotee, over the edge.

8 October 2011  Andy Murray won in Bangkok  last week and today will play in the Tokyo Final against Nadal.  Murray will not become World No 3 after today’s match, but he will narrow the gap between him and Federer  To clear confusion created by SKY TV. Murray is No 3 in the Qualifying Race to the O2. Federer has not yet qualified, since he has won no event since last year’s O2.  Tennis pundit Wilco is in mourning.



12 Sep 2011 Tactical Call For Trainer In the US Open final, Djokovic was warned twice about slow play and when Nadal was at the peak of his game he called for the trainer...............


10 Sept 2011 Quarter Final Stats show Djokovic posting the worse stats of any player in any round, in spite of the schedule which favours him and Federer and punishes Murray and Nadal  Nadal continues to be the objective favourite to win the USOPEN

5 Sept 2011 The stats now put Nadal in first position over his three closest rivals, but his collapse with cramp at the post match press conference was another telling indicator of the brutal task at hand that has made 16 players retire without completing their matches. And still counting.

2 Sept 2011 “I'm going to need to play better on Sunday or I'll be going home” says Andy Murray, despite his 5 sets victory over Robin Hasse, in New York and returning to his world No 3 status. Round two is over. 23 seeded players are out and 14 players have retired without completing their matches.


1 Sept 2011 At the Cincinnati Tennis Masters you could fry an egg on the base line. At the US Open in New York players are literally dropping out with brutal heat exhaustion due mainly to the slow court requiring long rallies, but also the high humidity, post Irene.


1 Sept 201 Round one of the USOpen is complete and players are literally dropping out with heat exhaustion.   9 seeds have fallen at the first hurdle, including Robin Soderling, but how are the top four shaping up. Djockovic’s stats are flattering  but he was only required to play 12 games.



Against the odds given the hype surrounding Hurricane Irene, the US Tennis Open is underway and here  are the seeds and their value in Monkles, to date. Predictions are always welcome. Please come forth with what you think might happen, particularly if it is out of the ordinary. just hit the contact link on any page of Shoestring and have the courage of your convictions, especially you, Professor Wilco. This page will be updated frequently, so come back as you please.


25 Aug 2011 Dear Andy Murray

I write in praise of Andy Murray, and note your single handed sliced backhand and the drop shot.... Respect.


21 Aug 2011 Dear WILCO, you have switched your loyalty from Fed to Djok, but Murray has just won the Cincinnati Masters?

Predictions for the US Open please....

9 August 2011   no hirsute whiskers? Andy Murray out in the second round in Montreal



1 July 2011 Dear WILCO, you predicted Murray would lose in 4 in the semi finals. You are very wise, but for your other predictions.

Here are the inescapable STATS

Here are your PREDICTIONS and those by a few others.

28 June 2011 Dear WILCO, Djokovic looks impressive, but both Federer and Andy Murray have better stats and Nadal is a wounded fourth.

25 June 2011 Dear WILCO, Andy Murray won the first round out of the top four according the stats, but who won the second round and the third?

23 June 2011 Dear WILCO, is your blind faith in Federer misplaced?


21 June 2011 Dear WILCO, Wimbledon Round One Over. One lost set and two bagels for Murray. Straight sets but a tie breaker and no Bagels for Federer. Djockovic awesome but so what. Nadal, shakey. Care to revise your prediction, currently Federer? And what of Soderling?


18 June 2011 pick up to 4 seeds to go out in the first round of Wimbledon and let me know before it begins. Twelve seeds were eliminated in the first round of Roland Garros so it may well happen at Wimbledon. Hit CONTACT and make a prediction or comment.


31 May 2011  In the Third Round, Andy Murray turned an ankle horribly and embarrassed Beerer by beating him in straights sets, on one leg for last two sets. But will Murray be fit to continue in the tournament?

28 May 2011  In the Third Round, Andy Murray turned an ankle horribly and embarrassed Beerer by beating him in straights sets, on one leg for last two sets. But will Murray be fit to continue in the tournament?

26 May 2011  After Two Rounds discover the value of the world’s top tennis players according to their performances this week, in Monkles, a new currency with which you can buy anything.

25 May 2011  The first round is complete and the for the first time a British woman, and in fact two British women have made it through to the second round. The fact they are both unseeded players make it even more surprising and in fact historic in a  very British way.


22 May 2011  The second Tennis Grand slam is about to commence in Paris on the red stuff, of Roland Garros. Murray has found some excellent form at the right time, but is Djokovic about to become No 1?

A competition to test your understanding of the game and win a prize .... if you are good enough.

15 May 2011 Djokovic has beaten Nadal in the final in straight sets, We have a new number 1 in waiting.

14 May 2011 “Not in a million years”, said Tennis pundit Wilco, when I predicted that Andy Murray would end the winning streak of Djokovic at the Rome Masters in three sets. But Murray failed to serve out the final game of the third set with two double faults and a cruel net cord by Djokovic who will now surely beat Nadal in the final in straiSght sets, unless he is wasted by today’s encounter.

16 April 2011 Andy Murray has won a tennis match, and no longer needs a coach. However, he does need a haircut. Federer is out of Monte Carlo. Beaten by Melzer 6:4 6:4

17 January 2011     Andy Murray has a lot of points to defend this week at the Australian Open, when he begins Tuesday 18th with his Round One match against Karol Beck







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