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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary, should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf.
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day

Leslie Monk

Mrs Monk’s Would-Be Diary .........

Dear David Cameron

What Monks Say

Damien Green and his Tory admirers are entitled to be pleased with themselves because he beat the rap, and we are all for blowing the whistle on government cover-ups and misdemeanours.

I have not yet been faced with the dilemma of whether or not I might break the law, or breach a contract or betray a confidence or encourage someone else to do any of the above, on my behalf. If I were moved to blow a whistle, I’d like to think that I would save it for a worthwhile cause and be proud and open about doing so.

Mr Green was not exactly cleared by the Director of Public Prosecutions, but like most naughty boys, he was in due course, let off with a caution.

The Director of Public Prosecutions actually said about Mr. Green’s leaks that it had to be "recognised that some damage to the proper functioning of public institutions is almost inevitable in every case where restricted and/or confidential information is leaked".

Mr. Green’s mission was to support the immigration policy of the Tory Party and to undermine and embarrass the government policy on immigration. Mission accomplished.

In doing so Mr. Green has stirred up the unpalatable and offensive Tory sentiments expressed on this Conservative Party blog exchange, to the right of this page.

Since I am married to the immigrant Mrs. Monk, I am particularly sensitive to the xenophobic constituency that Mr Green may wish to attract to the Conservative Party.

As it happens Mrs. Monk does a job that cannot be filled by other qualified English Teachers, because there aren’t enough of them to go around, perhaps if there were, the quality of Mr. Green’s correspondence might improve.

The Tory Party, are the supposed party of Law and Order you might think.

And how strange to read so many members of the Tory Party express horror at the Police treatment of Mr. Green. Was Mr. Green assaulted with battens and shields by the Police? No.

Was Mr. Green roughed up like the miners, under Thatcher?

No, he was let off with a caution, just like a naughty boy, and unlike most whistle blowers, he has kept his job, and no one has even asked him to apologise for being a very very naughty Tory boy.



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What Tories Say

As Posted, unedited

Damian Green MP, Friday, April 17 2009

Arresting an opposition politician for embarrassing the Government is the sort of thing that never happens in a democracy like Britain. It never used to, anyway.

Gordon Brown’s government has changed all that. From the moment I was arrested last November I have never believed that I did anything wrong. My “crime” was to expose a long series of scandals and failures in the immigration system. Thousands of illegal immigrants were working as security guards. One of them was guarding the Prime Minister’s car.

The Government knew about these but were covering them up. Jacqui Smith was embarrassed when they saw the light in The Sun and other newspapers. The police were called in, and the whole outrageous intrusion into my office, home and family was set off.

The Government never had a leg to stand on, and the Director of Public Prosecutions has proved this. He says the “information leaked was not secret information or information affecting national security”. So no offence was committed.

What lessons should be learned? The first is that opposition politicians have a real job to do in exposing Government cover-ups. The second is that this Government is prepared to go to any lengths to avoid investigation into its own affairs, while poking its nose into the business of its opponents. The third is that using “national security” as an excuse for any kind of Government intrusion doesn’t wash any more.

Many people are asking whether Jacqui Smith should resign. I take a more radical approach. The way to cure the sickness in Government is not to change the individual faces, it is to change the Government itself. Within a year, Gordon Brown will have to put his Government’s record to the British people for their verdict.

Comment by Brian Tomkinson on Apr 17 2009, 21:05

Your case was never a matter of national security but political embarrassment. Instead of dealing with it internally in the appropriate way the police were asked to investigate. Isn't wasting police time a criminal offence? Or doesn't that law apply to the Home Office and Home Secretary? The general election can't come soon enough but the task facing the next government will be immense following twelve or thirteen years of Labour misgovernment and the politicisation of the civil service and other institutions.

Comment by Jess The Dog on Apr 17 2009, 22:50

Your arrest was extremely worrying, but a wake-up call to the nation at large. This government will stop at nothing to crush opponents - using the police as a political weapon, concocting smears, intimidating the media, lying.

There is only one lesson that needs learning - the Conservatives must pledge to unravel all of this. No ID cards, repeal the repressive legislation, restore the balance between the individual and the state, rein in the police and redeploy them against actual criminals. It will be tempting for a Conservative government to try and retain some of these authoritarian tools - this temptation must be utterly resisted. I trust yourself, after your own experiences, I trust David Davis, and I even perceive that David Cameron understands the overwhelming importance of the liberty agenda.

Labour are doomed at the election, the recent events exposed by the blogger Guido Fawkes were the final nail in their coffin. The Specator article by Mr Fawkes is worth reading - he really was dreading a knock at the door the Friday before the story broke, and even destroyed his hard drives. This government will clearly stop at nothing.

I think the shredders will be running 24/7 in the runup to the next General Election!

Comment by Ancient_Mariner on Apr 19 2009, 09:26


Comment by Andy Moore on Apr 19 2009, 09:51

Now the sorry affair is over, use all laws and powers available to:
1. Call for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker and Serjeant at Arms for failing to defend Democracy and the Palace of Westminster.
2. Vote of no confidence in Jacquie Smith.
3. Legal action or other against the Metropolitan Police and the Senior Officers for false arrest etc.
4. Finally make Immigration (curbing it and removing all illegals) a core policy of the Conservatives NOW to prevent many people I know voting BNP, do this and the Conservatives can win properly rather than the other side losing. This is not about 'race' it is economics Australia has announced cuts in its number of immigrants due to recssion and they are no where near as badly affected as the UK and they need immComment by Steven of Hayling on Apr 19 2009, 10:18

When one adds this incident to the many other recent news items concerning the police and survelliance by local authorities using the Anti Terrorism Act, a picture of George Orwell's '1984' swiftly froms. It seemed to start when an elderely activist was arrested under the Act, at their conference, for heckling George Brown! We used to be taught at school that MP's had special rights within the Palace of Westminster. Sadly, this almost uique country is sleep walking down the path to Totaliarism. It takes many forms starting with town hall staff who stop a pancake day race in case someone slips and falls! We must fight back.

Comment by Colin Stewart on Apr 19 2009, 10:33

Sorry, Mr Green you are guilty, guilty of trying to do your job in a country where recent Government has eroded personal freedom and made us all criminals just waiting to be caught out by some bizarre piece of legislation. Had you been a foreign diplomat you would have no doubt been far better off, however you are merely an MP. This matter was a fundamental breach of democracy and heads should roll, lets not have the pathetic "lessons will be learned' nonsense.igrants!

Comment by Gary Hunt on Apr 19 2009, 10:38

Such tactics as used by this Governmemt smack of old KGB and Mugabe. You were rightly doing your job, indeed a vote of no confidence is required

Comment by Kenneth Olumese on Apr 19 2009, 10:43

In many respects, the possible outcomes from the analysis of these issues here, are already fact. This government is one of the most heavy handed governments in existence today. Had this labour government not started using the state machinery to attack its citizens and interning us for voicing any opposition to their policies as we are democratically entitled to do, we would not have concluded it is no different from a Mugabe type government.

We are already living in a police state, and not heading for a police state as someone inferred earlier. We are the most surveilled citizens on planet earth. And yet, we talk of and preach democratic principles to other nations like nations. Is it a wonder that many anti-western governments refer to the governments of the U.S and indeed, the U.K as arrogant? They may well be very correct in their positions because our leaders (especially, the unelected ones like Gordon Brown), have no moral standing whatsoever.

It is time we got shot of this labour government and start to repeal many of their damaging policies. They have eroded civil liberties and reduced us to a laughing stock of a nation. How can you use the police (which is supposed to be independent) to arrest an MP who was only doing his job and serving the interests of his constituents who are after all the electorate.

Had Gordon Brown managed to secure some form of mandate from us, perhaps, we won't complain so much. He has shown he is out of touch and resorted to bullying tactics to try and get his way. His aides have made up false stories to smear the opposition and failed woefully. Incidentally, all this is indicative of the ill traits that were said to make Gordon Brown unsuitable to be the labour party leader just after Tony Blair exited. Gordon Brown is now demonstrating to us all by his actions that these are true after all. He is not even capable of using the word "sorry" as and when he should, and he thinks he is some dear leader? Oh no, he certainly is nothing of the sort!

Comment by soph41190 on Apr 19 2009, 10:45

Such an outrageous disregard for the commons and its members reflects once again that the nature of New Labour - a party presumably on the side of socialism - has betrayed its fundamental beliefs, and the core base of support that has driven it for 12 years.

While presumably this would do wonders for the support of the Conservative Party, we can not allow recent events to become overly concerned with party-posturing. This can not be an example of vote-gaining through the failures of others. The Conservative Party must show; not only our outrage that this was allowed to happen, but our determination to continue, and ensure the British Public that such a thing would not be allowed to happen under a New Government. This must be done through proof, and through action, not through finger pointing. The same goes for the 'smear' campaign. While it is fantastic that the Labour party appear to be winning votes on behalf of the Conservatives, the British Public are fed up with the governmental culture of finger pointing and he-said-she-said. So far I believe this has been handled very well by Mr Cameron, and Mr Green.

Comment by danny67 on Apr 19 2009, 11:00

Read this in today's Times for an insight to these manipulative control freaks and their power struggle at No. 10. We must get rid of these loonies at the next election or I fear this country will be ruined and beyond repair.

Comment by TORYBOY on Apr 19 2009, 11:08

I am delighted that Damien Green has'nt been charged. WE live in a Police State created by New Marxist Labour, i find it all disgusting and the sooner this pathetic centre left wing goverment is OUT the better !

Comment by Daap on Apr 19 2009, 11:16

The police are now out of control.
They have been given far too much power. They investigate themselves and it has become virtually impossible to bring a complaint against them.
They have 'criminalizing hundreds of people by not fully explaining exactly what a Police caution is.
These are people who's "crimes" which in the past, would have got them a warning from a policeman on the spot. As these are normally law abiding citizens, they rarely come into contact with the Police again.

Comment by Julie on Apr 19 2009, 11:30

I think your situation just highlights further that this Governments main aim is to shut people up. I am "Mrs Suburbia" in the eyes of the media, in my forties and very ordinary. Coming from a traditionally Labour voting family, we have all been shattered by just how low this Labour Government will stoop. Every day a new story hits the headlines to prove this point. Gordon Brown and his Cronies are dangerous. This country desperately needs change...I have never known it so bad.

Comment by Free Hilary on Apr 19 2009, 11:32

I would say the Govt has become totalitarian. Do you as the opposition understand what will need to be done to fix this? As the incoming govt you will need to lead a culture change back to civilised values. I suggest - look at Poland since 1989. And of course you need to have complete integrity as individuals too.

Comment by No Display Name on Apr 19 2009, 11:46

I totally agree with the pointn that this government has been in office for far too long. That in itself is not a crime but the things that come with that are to name a few- they refuse to listen to people, who voted them in in the first place. They take it for granted that those people will vote them in at any time.

They openly show that they are above all others in society. For instance the Home Secretary glaringly showed that at the time she visited Peckham, my Peckham, where I have lived for over 18 years. She wore body amour and carried two armed security guards around her. So I asked we live in Peckham, it is alright to be shot and killed or what ever because we are less human than the precious Jackie Smith? If as inferred by that action Peckham is perceived to be that bad whay not take every step in their power to make it good? I therefore want to inform the Home Secretary that we who live in Peckham are humans too, just incase it did not ever occur to good high and mighty Jackie Smith.

They do it to people in the communities and to their own colleagues in the House. They think they are above every one else.

So these are some of the down side of letting a government stay in power for too long. They forget about the welfare of the people who voted them in.

Comment by Barry on Apr 19 2009, 11:54

We need an election asap before Labour get round to making elections illegal. This is the first time in living memory that we have seen 3 full terms of a socialist government and it has become transparently clear they are taking us down the road to hell. The first thing to do is kick the driver out of the bus asap before any more damage is done.

Comment by giillflower on Apr 19 2009, 12:24

At last one small piece of commonsense has prevailed but now that Damian Green has been vindicated don't fall into the Labour Party trap of continually bleating about the matter.

Joe Public is beginning to realise that not only are we wading into a police state but Labour is actually a front for the Communist Party. No wonder they sport a red flag!

Comment by Robfromsussex on Apr 19 2009, 12:42

There is something frightening about this government.I am just an average working man who feels that this labour power mad government are working against me and the people of this country,i hope that the citizens of this nation realise that to defend their freedoms they have to vote out this big brother style government.

Comment by tresa on Apr 19 2009, 13:16

That a conservative minister should have a taste of what we the people have been suffering for years is maybe a good thing. as often the elite think that it will never happen to them as they allow freedom to slip by. well it did. regarding illegal immigrants it far worse than just an illegal immigrant. he may be a nice illegal immigrant. but the point is this goverment has put in people who are unfit unsound and fairly near the criminal mark. a lot of them are immigrants some are born here ect but they are unfit to deal with peoples private matters and they have been placed in local authority offices under the guise of the local authority not being prejudice when in fact they are very prejudiced ie they make dam sure they keep their jobs at the top in the assurance that if they employ bully type immigrants to bully the other immigrants and indiginouse population they will keep their corrupt goings on out of the limelight.THey deliberatly choose immigrants not fit for purpose as a smoke screen. many immigrants and indiginnouse peoples suffer under this regime. Im not sure Mr Brown even knows it goes on but hes to weak to care or to far from people to listen.

Comment by A Brit in Sweden on Apr 19 2009, 13:18

What happened to Damien Green is truely shocking, but Britian is now Sweden thanks to Blair/ Brown and the loony left. What happened to him can happen to you in a Police State and it does happen in Sweden. Socialism isn't caring for the masses, it's the masses paying huge taxes to fund big Government, keeping fat cat politicians who lie and are untouchable behind their police State protection. They have it and you stitched up. This is precisely what the McBride smears were about. Look out Britian.

Comment by Jason Hails on Apr 19 2009, 13:33

I entirely agree the police response to the reports of these leaks was wholly disproportionate to the seriousness of the alleged crime (if indeed it was a crime) I am afraid that this type of action will always result where police forces are managed at the most senior levels by politically appointed Chief Constables or in the this case the Commissioner Police for the Metropolis. Surely it is time for control of the police to be handed to directly elected police authorities. It also demonstrates a very good reason for not having a national police force.
A further problem is what happens next year when our party will form the new government. Can we really trust the current bunch of morons who are trying to run the country not to release secret information to the media? I very much doubt it. Do not forget some of them were communists, members of CND etc. Do leopards change their spots?
Finally as a retired police officer I feel aggrieved by some of the comments made in this blog about the police. Throughout my service I believe I, In common with the vast majority of my colleagues, treated everybody fairly and dealt with all whom I came in contact with strictly as the law and ethics dictated, unlike the man in charge of the investigation into these leaks who it seems to me was only trying to ingratiate himself with either the government or his senior officer. One only has to look at his recent performance to judge his level of competency.

Comment by Mark B on Apr 19 2009, 14:01

I wish I could be confident that you and the public spirited young man who helped you expose this scandal were cleared solely because there was no case to answer. But I suspect the real reason was that minsters did not want to face an embarrassing public trial, leading to your acquittal, in the run up to an election.

Comment by Tricia Pinner on Apr 19 2009, 14:02

Of course there was never a danger to National Security -only a danger of exposing an ever more inefficient government. I was delighted that the rule of law in this country did prevail. However, though I long for the end of this government ant the return of the Conservatives, I do pray that you will actually do what you promise as a Party.
The UK has changed beyond all recognition in the last 50 years. Whilst I ,and most people I know, welcome honest ,hardworking immigrants, we are heartily sick of this country allowing many people to settle here who have criminal records or flout the laws of the country once living here. There must be no amnesty for illegal immigrants. However long it takes, people who have no right to be here must be returned to their country of origin. Our natural generosity & tolerance has reached it's limits -we are now just seen as 'a soft touch' for immigrants, afraid to voice our concerns for fear of being called 'racists'.

Comment by Duck on Apr 19 2009, 15:31

The general election can't come soon enough. Living in South Wales i am surrounded by traditional Labour voters, and even they are sick to the back teeth of this lot in office. They are taking this country to a police state each and every time they have one of their "ideas"

National security and terrorism has been used as a veil for too long now and the electorate see through it.

Comment by Sitting Bull on Apr 19 2009, 18:21

I AGREE with Andy Moore 9.51am. If you want to retain your credibility you must do something positive and make your point in Parliament. In the way described you will calmly put down Mrs Smith once and for all.
If you add in The Speaker (both of them have issues regarding EXPENSES charged to the Tax Payer) then YOU will serve us all well.
SO go to it with true Leadership because that is what the country is looking for.

Comment by James Roe on Apr 19 2009, 18:56

Sir, I am genuinely relieved that you have escaped prosecution for doing your job. Immigration is an issue which must be tackled with sincerity and open dialogue, in order to achieve the balance between our national economic needs, our international obligations and our desire to retain a sense of 'Britishness' on our small, and increasingly overcrowded, island. It is a shame that this government is not willing to participate in our open democracy, or to develop working policies that aid our great nation. I'm afraid New Labour is Old News.

Comment by AlanK on Apr 19 2009, 19:01

Ancient Mariner asks "How near are we to a police state?". Obviouisly a rhetorical question : the answer is , we're already one- see what happened to the G20 protestors.. It's what Bottler Brown's been working on since day one. WE need a change of government to sweep away this soviet-inspired totalitarian mob and restore democracy,
Interesting, isn't it that the BBC, The Guardian and the other leftist libertarians are quite happy for the police to beat up the Countryside Alliance demonstrators and arrest Damian Green but are instatntly up in arms when it's their(perceived) supporters (at G20)

Comment by jeano on Apr 19 2009, 19:58

Agree with most of the above.
Unfortunately same thing always happens, Labour get in and squander Tory legacy then hand over mess to Tories to sort out again.
They then make themselves unpopular by taking necessary measures, and the cycle starts again.

Comment by Lee on Apr 19 2009, 20:09

How sinister our government has become when it prompts and defends the arrest of an opposition MP for simply doing your duty.

I'm delighted that your arrest on trumped up charges has been exposed for just what it was, an attempt at political intimidation by police and our government. The experience must have been very stressful for you and your family and I hope you can claim damages against the Home Office.

I agree with your remedy too, the only answer to these sort of corrupt practices by government is a General Election to put this fetid government to the test of public opinion.

My sympathy also goes out to the whistleblower who first exposed this scandalous state of affairs in the Home Office too. It must have been a dreadfully stressful time for him. He also deserves our thanks for his sense of public duty.

Comment by Alex on Apr 19 2009, 20:09

Of course this Government is arrogant and authoritarian. We knew that when they put a Dictator in at No 10. We didn’t have much choice as Dictators put themselves in office without the consent of the people.

No one voted for Gordon Brown and he has put himself into No10. No one in the Labour party would dare appose him.

A true dictator in Britain, I never thought it possible.

Comment by Jonte on Apr 19 2009, 22:00

I think everyone is missing the point here. What is surprising about Brown using the stateīs enforcement procedures in order to silence a voice he does not wish to hear? I am bored with hearing about the low-life antics of this government. Everything Brown does is entirely predictable and the only interests represented are those of himself and his cronies and thugs. It was quite obvious the Home Secretary was going to do exactly as she was told if only because she may have been ordered to repay the money she has defrauded from the UK and which is now common knowledge.

The problem is we all know what an evil, lying, cheating, incompetent government we have but itīs still governing and still hurting our country.

We canīt waste any more time - this load of incompetents has got to be kicked out before there is absolutely nothing left.

Why H.M. The Queen has not disolved parliament in the interests of the country and the people is beyond me and apart from helping with tourist numbers I am somewhat amiss as to what use Royalty now is.

Nothing is more important than our country. Labour must be kicked out and now. If not the disease that they are will take us all.

Get them out. We have nothing to lose but our pensions, democracy, future, self respect, way of life, money, and/etc


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