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Unmade Films



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Unmade Films........

Unmade Films was conceived 20 years ago as a magazine in print. Art house films had a substantial audience at that time but even then screen writers were frustrated by the compromises of the film market. Fewer films get made that go beyond the objective of appealing to teenage boys, who are the essential demographic that provides the yardstick of potential profitability for Hollywood producers, and the British high street Odeon franchise, that is fanatical about profit, but has little interest in cinema. These pages are dedicated to the scripts of films that have not so far materialised into film.  MANIFESTO

69 Blondes with Penis Envy

Adventures of a lifetime in gender politics

#penisenvy #Freud


26 December 2016

Mr Voller's Daughter


What was the point of that cowboy costume?

"I Love Lucy" introduced me to a notion of "love,"






21 Apr 2016

Unhappy Ever After

An extremely vivid dream last night.

Where cool is meaningless and meaninglessness is ever cooler.

#dream #film #noir

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Madness and Meditation

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake

#NewAge #Mindfulness #Unmadefilms

one of many

Unmade Films

Death In Essex


Mrs. Monk's part in the downfall of John Major

first published by BBC R4 immediately before the 1997 General Election

Dear Mark Twain

15 July 2012

Mrs Monk has asked me to explain myself to you because I have also been challenged by your notion that only fools write for nothing

Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

21 December 2011 It was the last lesson of the afternoon before Christmas.

Seamus is Sick 


Part 1

Part 2 Cat's Pee

Part 3 Honeyed Cat

Part 4,5,6 Siamese Head Butt, Cat Heaven, Cat Hell.

Part 7 Seamus  Has Left The Building

Part 8 Cat and Mouse with Charlie

The Christmas Tennis Widow and the Stinking Boy

Clip Clop, This Sea Is Dead by Monkles        A poem and an unmade film about a Greek island.

Cumberland Gap by Arto Eliot   An unmade film, a would-be road movie and a love story  Illustrated PDF Draft Script  Double spaced PDF

Film or Novel a rant by Sam Hutt

Ball Boys by Darren Blake An unmade radio play concerning the illegal nocturnal theft of Golf Balls. Illustrated PDF Draft Script

Unmade Films

Below are internet movies that have been made and other matters concerning film, and cinema, and screen writing.

28 Aug 2011 Information Announcement

A movie. The Thames estuary is where conflicting weather systems  frequently meet and produce, foreboding, and even sublime cloud formations. ..........

July 2010  Turismo Train

20 June 2010 Slowburn BP

13 March 2010    Farmville Meat is Murder

28 February 2010   Graces Update

30 December 2009  ICE AGE 2009

18 December 2009   No Sun Today

12 December 2009.Revenge of the Telephobic Revisited

5 November 2009 YouTube, or Vimeo

     11 Oct 2009   All Men Are Bastards

  19 September 2009God Bless Darwin

26 July 2009    Sanctuary

   Cloud 9910 June 2009

YouTube Monkfry Nostalgia Selection   18 April 2009

Shoe Shuffle 26Maarch2009

Monkfry Photostream Movie16, February 2009

15 February 2009 Dear Robert Wyatt

 14 February 2009 Valentine’s Day, Post Christmas

24 January 2009 Leigh On Sea and The Chocolate Moon

Olympic Mooning now in HD 22 December 2008

Not To Watch a Movie    25 Nov 2008

DEAD DOGS  21 Oct 2008

UPDATE 14 October 2008  Dear Carol Kirkwood

I snap, therefore I am 9 October 2008

LEGEND    1st October 2008

Summer Storm An Ocean City, Maryland,  Summer Storm, August 2006 Movie Updated 11 September2008

Philippoussis Revisited 6 Sep 2008

Olympic Mooning   14 Aug 2008

Dear Prudence 1September 2008

 28 August 2008 FOOLISH

Tinsel Town 7 August 2008

20 August 2008Movie The Flamingo Las Vegas VIMEO update

20 August 2008 MUSICAbsinth In Calais update

Twilight on Vimeo. update 27 july 2008

We are now adding, step by step, all movies onto Vimeo. This link will take you to the shoestringonline channel. update 27 july 2008

19 June 2008 Philippoussis update on YouTube

23 June 2008  Tate Shadows

Three Graces  Progress So Far 5April2008

Radioactive Soup 10 March 2008

Posted 4 March 2008. Bus Stop

spring kiss 6 March 2008

Spring In Leigh 4 March 2008

1 March 2008 Tough Parking

Easter Charlie 23 March 2008

Three Graces 30March2008

30 December 2008 MUSIC Absinth In Calais update

Unmade Films







Unmade Films




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